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What if you had to live in the world of Lemony Snicket's ASOUE?210th Sep 2011 02:46:30 AM
Is private industry inherently more competent than the public sector?2310th Sep 2011 01:38:44 AM
Longshoreman union member assaults media149th Sep 2011 09:21:00 PM
Balkanizing China: How would this work?219th Sep 2011 09:10:39 PM
Is Obama doing it on purpose?279th Sep 2011 08:30:11 PM
Someone give me a working MPEG-1 (50) codec.59th Sep 2011 06:29:29 PM
If we stopped giving government funding to Planned Parenthood . . .2329th Sep 2011 04:22:36 PM
Uniforms are Ridiculous999th Sep 2011 03:18:57 PM
The M Word739th Sep 2011 03:15:20 PM
Warren Buffet: "Stop coddling the rich."1939th Sep 2011 02:12:16 PM
Death559th Sep 2011 12:59:27 PM
Liberal Preppers319th Sep 2011 07:43:23 AM
Pacifism and other 'sissy' things1619th Sep 2011 01:48:27 AM
An atheist's question for other atheists558th Sep 2011 09:33:18 PM
Troper's Beliefs3078th Sep 2011 09:06:35 PM
Slavery: the Game468th Sep 2011 06:20:01 PM
Teenage pregnancy: Your thoughts?1308th Sep 2011 05:18:17 PM
Was Stalin as bad as Hitler?1348th Sep 2011 08:46:43 AM
If time travel was possible where would you want to go?608th Sep 2011 07:27:48 AM
A possible way to produce a wormhole.478th Sep 2011 02:35:19 AM
Fox New Accuses videogames of making environmentalists78th Sep 2011 01:47:26 AM
Your Brain On Politics87th Sep 2011 08:19:14 PM
Attention Keynesians: What's the best way to increase demand?347th Sep 2011 01:39:34 PM
Tell me about the worst nightmare you ever had1067th Sep 2011 06:56:20 AM
What would happen if the Nazi party didn't rise in Germany.427th Sep 2011 12:05:54 AM
Marigolds, and the measuring thereof1496th Sep 2011 11:48:03 PM
Former Icelandic PM goes to trial over his handling of the 2008 crisis116th Sep 2011 09:29:17 PM
Your experiences with protests. What do u think about them?226th Sep 2011 09:16:27 PM
Abuse of kids in "Troubled Teen" treatment camps736th Sep 2011 02:50:08 PM
civility on display... or not76th Sep 2011 01:13:26 PM
As an urbanite, do you feel that your city is part of what makes you?456th Sep 2011 12:11:15 PM
Dropping fertility rates =/= Dropping fertility?156th Sep 2011 09:52:28 AM
It's two AM on labor day and I want a hamburger35th Sep 2011 11:44:13 PM
The American Dream285th Sep 2011 11:20:31 PM
Town of Filettino, Italy declares Independence305th Sep 2011 10:04:55 PM
Migrant School Closings in Beijing15th Sep 2011 05:44:19 PM
That strange Iconography of Christmas565th Sep 2011 04:16:30 PM
Philosophical survival of the fittest?2515th Sep 2011 12:11:38 PM
"Brainwashed by the media"485th Sep 2011 11:41:00 AM
North and South Sudan go to war in the Blue Nile State365th Sep 2011 01:46:34 AM
Yet another religious thread: religion and transsexuality535th Sep 2011 01:43:28 AM
Funeral Rites and Practices for Handling of the Dead154th Sep 2011 11:55:13 PM
The positive thread!! Find praise for something you normally HATE!!!1074th Sep 2011 11:29:56 PM
Greek Mythology:Would you want to live in it?704th Sep 2011 10:29:52 PM
Do think that the grading system can make a grade lower than F?464th Sep 2011 09:20:25 PM
Usain Bolt (Is there a point when an athlete becomes too good?)874th Sep 2011 03:54:21 PM
The Vermont recovering from Tropical Storm Irene thread64th Sep 2011 12:28:56 PM
WikiLeaks Strikes Again1524th Sep 2011 11:30:36 AM
Stateless Humans804th Sep 2011 04:42:35 AM
Would you date or marry a conservative?2224th Sep 2011 02:30:42 AM
"This Troper EP X" and the social value of nerdiness53rd Sep 2011 04:44:43 PM
What is Flamebait? What is trolling?143rd Sep 2011 04:33:14 PM
People Bashing the U.N and Goverment AID. 1373rd Sep 2011 04:23:24 PM
Remembering the biggest and most horrific act of terrorism in history.553rd Sep 2011 04:20:14 PM
Tainted Chinese vinegar493rd Sep 2011 02:54:03 PM
Apostaty243rd Sep 2011 01:13:25 PM
US Federal Agency to sue big banks over mortgage securities1473rd Sep 2011 12:29:15 PM
American vs Australian Healthcare523rd Sep 2011 12:12:20 PM
Worst abuse of Insane troll logic you've ever seen?5083rd Sep 2011 09:50:05 AM
"America has no culture"963rd Sep 2011 08:54:21 AM
Hitler and Christianity1043rd Sep 2011 01:08:30 AM
Justice Department files antitrust suit against AT&T buyout102nd Sep 2011 11:19:19 PM
What would your ideal government look like?232nd Sep 2011 05:51:09 PM
A religious counterpart to Godwin's Law?582nd Sep 2011 04:10:09 PM
What kind of genre would you like to be in or transported to?822nd Sep 2011 03:19:33 PM
Labor Economics1732nd Sep 2011 12:32:46 PM
What purpose does religion serve?1292nd Sep 2011 09:14:17 AM
Tied to reality and can't truly experience a post-scarcity society651st Sep 2011 10:28:27 PM
Cuba and the Embargo1641st Sep 2011 07:02:31 PM
KFC to stop giving out toys 1631st Sep 2011 03:09:05 PM
"Fad" bisexuality versus sexual fluidity1531st Sep 2011 02:24:36 PM
Preaching to the CEOS and other corporate people421st Sep 2011 02:00:47 PM
USA and a lost generation601st Sep 2011 07:56:23 AM
What happened to you, Boomers? You used to be cool, man...171st Sep 2011 04:16:00 AM
Why is being negative / complaining fun?271st Sep 2011 01:39:54 AM
Ever feel like we're living in the End Times?441st Sep 2011 01:00:42 AM
If you lived in a fantasy kitchen sink what would you be?5831st Aug 2011 10:55:09 PM
End of the Space Shuttle Program16831st Aug 2011 07:29:45 PM
Hurricane Irene17631st Aug 2011 03:34:54 PM
Pro-militarism22631st Aug 2011 12:40:15 PM
"Now the whole world had one language and a common speech"2131st Aug 2011 04:13:38 AM
Kairos7430th Aug 2011 10:35:58 PM
California13630th Aug 2011 09:57:59 PM
Your Views on Animal Testing/Vivisection7630th Aug 2011 09:35:53 PM
Obedience to god and the concept of right and wrong73530th Aug 2011 01:51:49 PM
What is the problem with In Vitro fertilization?5830th Aug 2011 12:32:29 PM
Holy Wars2330th Aug 2011 10:03:27 AM
What if... several or all of the US states become their own countries?2830th Aug 2011 02:41:39 AM
Krokodil, the worst drug on Earth8829th Aug 2011 08:21:34 PM
Given the postulate that an intelligence created the universe . . .23229th Aug 2011 02:02:39 PM
Defending against an alien invasion38629th Aug 2011 12:38:17 PM
Why do people want to have friends?4529th Aug 2011 11:10:48 AM
Keeping your Organs...5629th Aug 2011 10:58:24 AM
Can I be controversial?8629th Aug 2011 10:33:23 AM
Google's Eric Schmidt criticises education in the UK3929th Aug 2011 07:53:23 AM
Something Foreign Is Just Better1528th Aug 2011 07:44:36 PM
Good diet for a rat.1928th Aug 2011 06:40:48 PM
So you're living in a crapsack world ...5428th Aug 2011 01:29:26 PM
Do you believe status and power is sexy?6228th Aug 2011 10:04:40 AM
Irregular Warfare Through the Ages7228th Aug 2011 08:54:27 AM

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