Real Life examples of Hypocritical Humor:

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I made this post, since the actual Hypocritical Humor page has none, although it does have a Troper Tales Page.

I think one good example would be Charles Bronson once saying that he hated cartoons (Looney Tunes specifically), because they contained too much violence.

Yeah... this from the same guy that starred in the Death Wish series.

Can we think of any other examples?
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Don't know anything specifically, but alot of stuff from the Fundies say the darndest Things should qualify along with Bill o' Reilly.
How about people in general, when they call someone else lazy or mediocre, when most of them are that?
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4 captainbrass214th Aug 2011 01:01:04 PM from the United Kingdom
Up to a point, a lot of humour is hypocritical, since it's often based on mocking people for weaknesses that the people telling the jokes probably share in some way.
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"We here at Youtube won't ask for your personal info. Now, in order to sign up, you must tell us your email address and mobile phone number." [lol]
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"We are an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity employer."

That one had me facedesking pretty hard.
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I recall an example from the staff of the anatomy labs. One of them told a group of girls that they shouldn't be in that side of the lab because she was hosing down the floor, and they could be splashed with dirty water - which is a biological hazard* , and hence a big no-no.

She then proceeded to illustrate this danger by pointing the hose at their feet, spraying them with water, and saying "See? See how dangerous that is?"
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Televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart preaching about the sanctity of marriage and then caught cheating.
Newt Gingrich impeaching Bill Clinton while having an affair himself.
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From the trope page:

"Please do not attempt to add examples of people doing this unintentionally (nearly all Real Life examples would fall under that). This trope refers to deliberate uses of hypocrisy for humor's sake, at least by the writer. The same goes for Wicks and Pot Holes, so if you catch any, feel free to destroy them without pity."

This is essentially a writing trope. None of the examples in this thread would qualify unless they were employed as an author's tool. It's probably not too difficult to find some of them in works, however, particularly in political lampoons.

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Well how about this an excellent example indeed? >

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Still not an example. As Dreamer said over a year ago, before this thread died of attrition, Hypocritical Humor is a writer's tool, a deliberate use of hypocrisy to make a joke.

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This thread is horrible, it's nothing but calling people who say something you don't like Hypocrites. I don't know why anyone would post in it. And it's a complaining thread. I hate complaining threads. There's never anything interesting in them, just bitch bitch bitch.

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