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May 8th 2018 at 2:23:43 PM •••

Can we add a page for Yoshi's Story? Getting all 30 melons in all 24 levels is BRUTAL, considering how annoying some of those levels are...

Apr 19th 2017 at 11:35:43 AM •••

I'm moving the fan game examples here because they aren't from actual Mario games. I'm sure that someone can find a good home for them.

Fan games:

  • Brutal Mario has "Titanic", a Ghost House level with the reappearing Boos, combined with a very strict time limit, makes for one hell of a time.
  • Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii has a few.
  • Something Series:
    • Boss Bass is the gimmick within Dat Bass and to make it worse, it is immune to fireballs. He's even found in the Switch Palace exit.
    • Chateau du Vent. The wind tries pushing Mario to the left, which makes moving to the right much more difficult, especially with obstacles in the way.
    • Hell Ship in the Sky is difficult because of the Homing Pidgit Bills. They're fired by the ship's cannons and they will always aim for Mario's position, no matter what. Later on, Spikitus start throwing them. Another one joins and makes things worse.
    • Spikitu Castles 1+2 in Something Else are difficult because of the Spikitus. They are immune to Luigi's arsenal of tricks.
  • Sui Mario.
    • Many of the levels have ice physics, but a big offender is Clavinet Plateau Fortress. Fireballs, Sawblades, Thwomps, and Magikoopas. Even the hint block at the start says it's a bullshit excuse that all the surfaces were waxed.
    • For the Completionists; Bass Cave Ghost House takes the cake as the Alternate exit requires you to go to the end, get a P Switch after hitting 2 invisible blocks to show up for you to get said P Switch, all the while spin jumping on Boos to regain your footing, then taking said P Block all the way back to the start, also the floors are made of ice blocks, so the usual slipping BS too.
  • Super Mario Star Road is one of the most ambitious, creative rom hacks of Super Mario 64 ever created, but it's also one of the hardest due to some fiendish level design that assumes that you have mastered the controls and quirks of the game. There are many hard levels in it...
    • ...but few of them reach the hair-pulling insanity that is The Hidden Palace, which is pure Platform Hell. It will push your skills to their limits—you need well timed triple jumps, frame perfect wall kicks, risky jump dives, tiny platforms to navigate (including a very small platform that you have to triple jump off of), the works. A lot of it is set over a bottomless pit, so you have no room for error after the beginning. Oh yeah, and there's a Replica Star hidden directly above the main star on the roof of the top of the level, meaning you have to play through it twice to complete it!
    • Gloomy Garden is an early example of how tough this hack can get. The whole level consists of narrow walkways over a dark Bottomless Pit that enemies can easily knock you off of if you're not careful. Skelux himself has acknowledged this and said he would redesign it so that it was much more fair in the DS version.
    • Mad Musical Mess is another particularly notorious level. It's also another level made of platforms floating over a bottomless pit and contains a lot of tricky jumps. It's also the first level to introduce the bee enemies, which are hard to hit and can effortlessly knock you to your doom.
    • Colossal Candy Clutter is another frustrating level as well. Star 5 in particular, because you need to make a few perfect pole jumps combined with wall kicks, along with a few perfect long jumps across very small platforms to complete it, and one slip up will either make you have to start over or will send you flying to your death.
    • Bob-Omb Battle Factory. It demands precision platforming and has lots of spots where you can easily fall to your death and some tricky narrow platforms. It also throws in a Kaizo Trap warp pipe that will throw you into a pool of instant-death gunk if you jump into it.
  • S Mario. This hellishly hard hack played by raocow has a few awful levels best mentioned here for their obnoxiousness...
    • World 3 castle makes a previous level's gimmick even worse. No going left, no spin jumping (you die instantly if you try), with ice physics, with water physics (in places) and with such 'fun' obstacles as on/off switches and homing Bullet Bills.
    Azentiger: ...NOOOOOO! No left! No Spin Jump! ON ICY FLOOR!? YOU! GOTTA BE! KIDDING ME!
    • The final castle, which had the frustration of random wind physics. Imagine an already hard level. Now imagine every time you move or jump, you could be pushed left or right at random, and the direction changes every second or so without warning. Not an enjoyable experience.
  • The final level in Japanese hack Luigi of Shadow. What's worse than a Marathon Level that's ludicrously difficult? How about one which is also The Maze? Yes really. The place is littered with doors, and they go to every single room in the place at what seems like random. Often a room you've been to and completed ten minutes ago, which means a lot of back tracking if you have no save states. Oh, and the game's actually trying to trick you into opening them, with some positioned at points where they look rather like what would normally be the door to the next area...
  • Kaizo Mario 64 is a hack that, while not quite on par with the notoriously hard ROM hack it's named after, has some levels that will tear every hair from your skull. The most notable is its take on Bowser in the Sky, if only because the entire level is invisible!
  • Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition is the sequel to Super Mario 74, the first complete Super Mario 64 hack not to be based on the levels from the original game. It's regarded as being even harder than Kaizo Mario 64. One particularly noteworthy pair of levels are Veneno-Sphere and Crudelo-Sphere, which are based on a pair of levels from the original hack, Luminum-Sphere and Ombru-Sphere (which were plenty difficult in their own right). Ombru-Sphere was an upside-down version of Luminum-Sphere; the Extreme Edition versions literally turn them on their side (and add in tons of lava, just in case the levels weren't already difficult enough). Extreme amounts of wall-jumping are needed to complete the stages, and to make things worse there are 14 red coins to collect in Veneno-Sphere and 20 in Crudelo-Sphere. This hack definitely lives up to its name.

Aug 27th 2014 at 1:12:42 AM •••

I'm gonna remove the final Bowser battle from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, as well as any other boss fights I see. This trope is for levels, not bosses.

Jul 18th 2013 at 12:10:50 PM •••

Seriously, we've got those levels from Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star on here. Shouldn't the rest of the Mario RPGS be on this page, then? I brought this up a year ago and no one ever did anything.

Aug 29th 2012 at 6:50:47 PM •••

Should we put the levels from the Mario RP Gs listed on the That One Level RPG page on this page?

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