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9th Oct, 2018 02:31:24 PM

I also saw the opposite, with people removing entries about the voice acting and art being better than 8, as well as edit wars on the YMMV page over whether Wily was right and/or a woobie and Dr. Light was a jerk.

9th Oct, 2018 04:46:36 PM

Sounds like some editors may or may not have binge watched Game Theory before editing

9th Oct, 2018 06:49:50 PM

Does Game Theory have a theory on MM 11 already? o.o

10th Oct, 2018 11:07:02 AM

MatPat's done Mega Man in general, and long ago had a theory that Wily wasn't the true villain, but nothing specific to 11 yet.

14th Oct, 2018 02:40:40 PM

The YMMV page is starting to argue with itself over on Ron the Death Eater and other tropes, too.


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