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BlackElephant Obsidian Proboscidean from In the Room
Obsidian Proboscidean
Dec 5th 2011 at 4:17:53 PM

[up][up][up] The audiobook was well-done, at least. And the movie was kind of pretty. Just as long as I avoid Breaking Dawn's gory birth scene, I can stand it. (Heck, I think I even liked reading the part where all the other vampires came to see Renesmee!)

I kinda, sorta, maybe...

Enjoyed Modelland. And I think I want to see the movie (if it comes out).

Also I used to absolutely love Cori Falls fanfic and still read it sometimes.

I'm an elephant. Rurr.
Willbyr Anime-ted from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Jun 21st 2012 at 2:11:50 PM

Independence Day. You can smell the cheese through your TV/sound system's speakers whenever this comes on, and yet it will pull you in like a black hole, especially if you happen to turn it on during one of Goldblum's scenes.

EDIT: Holy crap, necro...

edited 21st Jun '12 2:12:27 PM by Willbyr

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Deboss I see the Awesomeness. from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Jul 17th 2012 at 3:12:48 PM

Supposedly, there's a sequel planned. We can only hope this involves epic space batttles.

Fight smart, not fair.
Euodiachloris Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Jan 9th 2013 at 5:13:41 PM

I shall defend Ladyhawke heatedly. Cheesy? Hell, yes. But good.

Well, except for the background music. That's aged particularly badly. tongue

edited 9th Jan '13 5:14:49 PM by Euodiachloris

Xtifr World's Toughest Milkman Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
World's Toughest Milkman
Apr 14th 2013 at 7:09:29 PM

[up]You're certainly not alone. I once saw some well-known author (I think it was Poul Anderson) give a fairly vigorous defense of the movie. Apparently they did some first-class research into many of the historical elements of the film, and showed their work. I don't remember all the details, though.

Speaking words of fandom: let it squee, let it squee.
lewattoo Hateline from Planet Auguste Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Nov 24th 2013 at 7:02:52 AM

Cosmic Race on the Playstation 1. The developers very clearly had no idea what they were doing and the resulting game was glorious.

On that note, how about Shadow The Hedgehog? The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it's a Stealth Parody of darker and edgier reboots of franchises.

Sometimes I get lonely so far from home...
SapphireBlue squish from California Relationship Status: In another castle
Mar 3rd 2014 at 10:19:42 AM

Shadow the Hedgehog is a perfect example of So Bad, It's Good.

BlueNinja0 The Mod with the Migraine from Taking a left at Albuquerque Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The Mod with the Migraine
Mar 3rd 2014 at 1:13:28 PM

15 years later, and I still think Planescape Torment is one of the best games ever. But damn, it's painful to go back to it, with pixelated graphics and especially the really counter-intuitive D&D 2nd edition rules.

I'm watching Babylon5 again, for the second time. The CGI is ... almost laughable, but at the time it too was cutting edge. All my troping is also giving me a more critical looks at the episodes, as I can see better this time around where some of the acting is really weak and not supporting the tropes.

Thatís the epitome of privilege right there, not considering armed nazis a threat to your life. - Silasw
Mar 6th 2014 at 6:42:34 PM

Very well then... A few horrible works whose inaneness have only ripened with age that I have had the displeasure to behold:

Plan 9 from Outer Space (Can you prove it didn't happen?) The Room (You are tearing me apart Tommy!) Trolls 2 (Stupid spelled backwards is still stupid) Superbabies 2 (What compelled me to it continues to elude me)

... and more to come ladies and gentlemen

RatherRandomRachel "Just as planned." from Somewhere underground.
"Just as planned."
Mar 12th 2014 at 6:23:09 PM

Not too old, and only a specific part of it, but Deus Ex's voice acting and modelling. It's like a fine wine that's matured too long - it's graced with age but it still wasn't fantastic then, and it seems worse now. But it has a charm with it because it's there for a reason, and fulfills that well enough that it becomes So Bad, It's Good to me.

"Did you expect somebody else?"
Madison14 Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
Dec 10th 2019 at 8:05:27 PM

I recently discovered the pulp novelist Michael Avallone. Pretty much everything he wrote was critically panned, but I absolutely love him because he loves writing so much. The Purple Prose, Author Appeal, and less-than-great attention to continuity just add to the enjoyment. A lot of his stuff reminds me of fanfiction, in a good way. This page does a good job of describing what I like about him.

Dec 10th 2019 at 8:38:57 PM

The PC Game of Tek War. One of the weirdest first person games out there, with William Shatner doing speeches as only he can, weirdly dressed villains, "futuristic" settings (mainly involving lots of shiny metal and glass), and much more. Definitely so bad it's good.

MaxwellDaring Aw shit, here we go again from Interzone Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Aw shit, here we go again
Feb 13th 2020 at 7:30:27 PM

Free jazz is hilarious. I mean listen to this.

It's surreal genius, but also I can't stop laughing.

Edited by MaxwellDaring on Feb 13th 2020 at 7:32:36 AM

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