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Me with my new cat. She ain't this tiny anymore.

Describe Anicomicgeek here?

Okay, very well, then. I like animation (both anime and Western animation), comics and manga, sci-fi movies, action movies. Hobbies include playing video games and partaking in Fan Art and Fan Fics. You can see my art here and my fancasts can be seen there or here.

I now have a troper wall.

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    Stuff That Interest Me 

    Ships I support 
  • Batman X Catwoman
  • Superman X Lois Lane
  • Wonder Woman X Steve Trevor
  • Spider-Man X Mary Jane Watson
  • Cyclops X Jean Grey
  • Wolverine X Storm (I blame the 90s cartoon episode "One Man's Worth" and a deleted scene from DoFP for this).
  • Birdy Cephon X Tsutomu Senkawa (I blame an AMV I can't find anymore and a CD cover for this)
  • Ladybug X Cat Noir
  • Sailor Moon X Tuxedo Mask
  • Harley Quinn X Poison Ivy

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    Fancast projects of this troper 

Super X Kaiju:

Super X Kaiju is basically a Massive Multiplayer Crossover Patchwork Fic idea I started in late 2022 to get my mind of certain events in November of that year that ended up ballooning, starting with revisiting an idea for a crossover I've had since I was a kid: The Justice League of America vs. Godzilla.

Main Series:

Not really part of the main series, but experiments for ideas for it:

X-Men '97-inspired stuff.

Basically what if the other '90s Marvel cartoons got Sequel Series, too — along with characters I'd like to see in speaking parts in X-Men '97 itself. The first four will be will be updated when/if characters appear and/or get official voices and designs.note  The last one will have characters deleted if they do end up appearing in speaking roles in X-Men '97.note 


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