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'Eyup! Howzit?

I'm Euodiachloris Xurina. Or "Euo" if you can't be bothered to type the whole thing. Jawel (yeah, well) - weird digital ID, but, hey... beats "Fluffy666" in length, if nothing else.

I'm a major fan of Terry Pratchett's work, and have been for decades. Which is basically what got me into tropes in the first place. You can't read him and not bump into them in all shapes, sizes and colours. More recently, I've taken up The Order Of The Stick. I participated!


Bookworm = me.

I don't mind what I read: book, ebook, newspaper column, fanfic, comic, manga, webcomic, blog, academic paper, back of a cereal packet... whatever, I'm not picky.

Well... heh-heh... to be honest... I tend to lean towards the fictional end of the spectrum (but, it's far from exclusively so). And, I'm only usually a bit picky about three things there, actually: plot, characterisation and a good take on its themes. If it's consistently good in two of those three, I'm happy.

Other media happen, but for me, the word will always be king. And the crown of that king has always been Speculative Fiction of most known types in my eyes. (Hence, Neil Gaiman also happens to lurk on my shelves in several forms.)

My background is fairly general, with a bias towards the social sciences and amateur attempts at writing. Better foreign language? Is Afrikaans. Even stillnote . En 'n lang en komplekse storie dit isnote .


My South African background is the explanation for my interesting punctuation and clausal usage in both casual and formal type. I'll be sticking to that excuse with pride and determination.

I like playing Dryads in RP. Or other Fae-like critters if the GM screams at me about the whole movement thing. I don't try to analyse that too much, but my long-standing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) is probably a factor.

<coughs - mounts a suspiciously convenient pulpit - hand held up in a preacher-manner>
(A whole keyboard full of Berserk Buttons are listed below. Enjoy.)

Yes, it exists.
No, it's not rare.
It's not "all in my head", thanks.
And, it's got a lot more to do with it than just being too lazy or uncaring to do anything. Ta.
Pulling my socks up means "stuck in bed for a week", too, don'tcha know.
It's also too often under-researched and misdiagnosed as something else.
...&c.... &c.... &c....


It's OK, now. The Rant is over. <grins>

But, seriously - those of us who have it have to go through all the so often in conversation, it goes from infuriation towards eventually becoming a source of wry black humour.

Should I disappear for months at a time, you now know why.

All you could possibly need to know about me. Plus, probably more than you'd want.

Thank you for your time.