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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • A common criticism towards Yo-Kai Watch games was their overuse of One Game for the Price of Two from the second game onwards, to the point where you needed all games locally to obtain every Yo-Kai. In Yo-Kai Watch 3's localization, all the content of all 3 games are wrapped up into one, preventing the need to buy multiple copies.
    • Another one is present in the localization as well. Not many were fond of the fact that physical copies of the game felt inferior to the digital versions due to Yo-Kai being locked behind them and could only be obtained by a special code. In 3 not only are all Yo-Kai available regardless of if the game you purchase is physical or digital, but anyone can now obtain these special Yo-Kai. (The digital version does come with an exclusive badge, but it's not required to befriend these certain Yo-Kai.)
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    • Really, the way they handled the localization was basically an apology for the game being a Late Export for You.
    • Another problem that was addressed was the issues with the RNG befriending of Yo-Kai. In previous installments even when you could give a Yo-Kai their favorite food and used an item or Yo-Kai that helps increase befriend rate, you could still fail to get the Yo-Kai or worse, another Yo-Kai would want to be your friend instead. Yo-Kai Watch 3 introduces the Forbidden Fruit that not only guarantees a befriending, but makes getting rare Yo-Kai a lot easier.
    • On the plot side of things, there's the cutscene that plays before you get the ability to make Yo-kai into Soul Gems. In the previous game, the process wasn't elaborated upon, so it seemed like you were trapping innocent Yo-kai into gemstones forever. This game makes it clear that Soul Gems are just another way that Yo-kai can offer their friendship to a human, it's entirely voluntary, and Yo-kai can revert back to normal whenever they want. Though you still can't use Yo-kai you've turned into Soul Gems anymore.
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    • While Yo-Kai Watch 2 was well liked, it drew criticism due to the tedious methods of earning money as well as taking way too long in the game to improve the transportation methods. In order to ride trains free you had to get off at every stop. This time you're given a bike early on the game to improve transportation, the free pass is a lot less tedious to obtain, and once you get the Pocket Mirropo, moving is rather convenient. Not to mention thanks to Blasters T, it is quite easy earning a lot of money.
    • Yo-Kai Watch 2 also was disliked for its grinding issues, as it was difficult to level your Yo-Kai, especially since it gave few options for getting lots of EXP. In 3 that is no longer a problem, since Blasters T provides heaps of free EXP orbs, using ghastly fragments can help you speed up leveling, and there are generally way better options for getting EXP.
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    • While Swampy Marsh has its fans, it's completely agreed on how overused the them is in the anime and main games. In the localized release of Yo-Kai Watch 3, instead of Swampy Marsh they opted to dub the opening of Sukiyaki which makes perfect sense since the international version contains the content of all 3 versions.
  • Base-Breaking Character: The new female protagonist Hailey Anne. While she does have her fans for her Adorkable Otaku nature and being an energetic Plucky Comic Relief, she also has her detractors, with some finding her personality to be rather annoying and some finding her to be a spoiled brat at times. It doesn't help that she replaces Katie who is much more liked in the west than in Japan.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The middle of Rongo Swirll's boss fight has him do a drum solo. No reason given, it just happens. It is Lampshaded, though.
  • Even Better Sequel: Flaws aside, 3 is considered by many fans to be the best installment yet and is liked even more than Yo-Kai Watch 2. It currently has an 80 on Metacritic which is the highest any Yo-Kai Watch game has gotten so far.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • This game introduces a new food item called the Forbidden Fruit which is essentially the Master Ball in this series. Feed it to a yo-kai and they will automatically ask to befriend you at the end of the match if you win. It is compensated by the fact you can only obtain them from the Art-T-Facts found in chests in the Busters T mode, but if you're willing to spend some time grinding for them you can stack up a chuck of them and easily befriend almost every yo-kainote  in the game, including the ones who can only be fought once a day.
    • The Yo-Kai Blaster also deserves a special mention. After you obtain the Yo-Kai Watch Model Dream it's quickly noticeable how broken it is, especially during boss fights. It's capable of doing major damage to any Yo-Kai and it doesn't take long to charge. Use a slippery Yo-Kai with it, and you can pretty much take down any boss.
    • While most auras you get from trading Ghastly Fragments will do helpful things such as increasing befriend rate, fighting certain Yo-Kai, and earning more EXP, the Cheeky Aura in particular can effectively make any boss outside Blasters T a joke. Because it prevents your Yo-Kai from being inspirited during battle, you can effectively defeat any boss and not worry about ever getting hit by any of their Soultimates or special moves.
  • Growing the Beard: While the second game was already generally considered an improvement of the first, the third game goes even further by introducing a new battle system that is much more complex and strategic, several more areas to explore, and an improved Blasters mode that even allows you to play with others online. That and the sheer amount of post game content provided makes it an even better game than its predecessor.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Hailey Anne for replacing Katie as the female protagonist. Many fans who used Katie in the previous games were not keen on being forced to play as Nate, but introducing Hailey Anne only added salt to the wounds. Hailey Anne isn't disliked on her own, she is mainly disliked for being the new heroine.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Yo-kai that one can fight daily autosaves, so if you don't recruit it, better luck tomorrow. What makes this worse is the fact that two whole sects of Legendaries, the Pioneer and Merican Legendaries are only befriendable during these fights. However this is alleviated by the ease of getting the Forbidden Fruit, an item that guarantees a befriending.
    • While the Yo-Kai watch blaster is a useful and well liked, one thing that isn't liked about is it is that whether it damages or helps you befriend Yo-Kai is completely random in regular battles. You'd often would get the wrong ability you need causing you to waste the move which is compeletly different from how the
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: The Busters Treasure app naturally got similar treatment to the previous game's Yo-kai Watch Blasters, and also saw a sequel.
  • That One Achievement:
    • Completing all the quests in this game takes a long time because some of the quests are more difficult than others, and some you can't access until you complete Blasters T, a separate mode in the game.
    • Collecting all the Yo-Kai in this game is easier said than done due to several problems such as some being Blasters T Exclusive, some requiring you to beat the game twice due to the fact there are some exclusive to what path you take, others such as the infamous Pandanoko and Starrynoko which unfortunately can only be obtained using Streetpass.
  • That One Side Quest:
    • "The Old Lady & the Sukiyaki Trade" quest full on stop. This said quest takes a long time for several reasons. While Unkeen & Untidy's quests aren't all that bad since you only need to talk to Supermanager in order to get Funky Fillet for Unkeen and go to the Meadowbroke Farm for the Golden Beans for Untidy, the quest truly starts to get frustrating. Unpleasant doesn't outright say what soul he needs for the dish so one would most likely look up a guide and later realize you need the evolution of Chilled Chowcao. It evolves around level 29 so that would mean you would likely use up some Exorbs in order to speed up its evolution into Stircrazy Stu. It gets even worse from here. In order to get Unkaind's item, the Unreal Egg, you must first clear the Chocobonyan quest which is incredibly difficult race. Simply failing toget one boost item can instantly cause you to fall behind and lose the race. And it only gets harder from here. Unfairy's quest is easily the most frutrating because in order to get his item, the Fabled Fungus, it requires a lot of work. First you must find Madame Mush, an NPC that randomly shows up in BBQ 4 times. Then after that you have to search BBQ, Springdale, & the Yo-Kai World to find 15 mushroom lovers and collect at least 40 mushrooms to give them, which not only are they incredibly hard to find no matter where you look, finishing this said quest would take several hours. After those requests are completed, you've finally finished it.
    • "Two Photos Short of Fifty!" quest is also frustrating due to fact that you'll have to search all over Springdale, BBQ, and even the Yo-Kai World to find several Next HarMEOWny cards. While the person who gives the quest at least tells you where an area that still has cards, it doesn't change that it is incredibly difficult to find them and once you eventually do, the quest giver turns out to be Master Nyada in disguise. You have to fight him in a difficult battle as he can damage your team pretty easily. Once he's beaten, its finally over.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Katie not being playable in the initial two Yo-Kai Watch 3 really bummed out players who used her in the previous two games. Possibly due to the backlash or possibly coincidentally (due to development times), Katie was made playable in a couple of sidequests that have been added in future updates for Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki where they take place in an alternative universe where she takes Nate's place as the hero.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The Koma Knomads, as their roles as the Merican counterparts of Komasan and Komajiro overlap to the point where they share the same voices, personality, and even verbal tic as their Japan counterparts.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Yo-kai Watch 3 is set in America, but rather than go crazy with the references to actual American myths like the Jersey Devil, Sasquatch, Native American mythology, or even the classic Hollywood movie monstersnote , they just... go crazy.


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