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Trivia / Yo-kai Watch 3

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  • Acclaimed Flop: Yo-kai Watch 3 is commonly cited as the best of the first three titles by hardcore gamers and fans due to its plot, gameplay, and variety of youkai. It sold 2 million in Japan, which was a decrease from the previous titles but decent enough. Internationally, it bombed more noticeably. In America, it sold 4,000 copies (due to a limited release) and in Europe it only sold 30k. Not helped by the popularity of Disney's Kingdom Hearts III, which was released just ten days earlier and had more hype with casual gamers. Coming out in the wake of the Video Game Remake of Resident Evil 2 didn't help matters either.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The American release was limited, with many stores only receiving two or three copies. Physical copies of the game are hard to find in most areas and the re-sale price is expensive ($70+).
  • Late Export for You: In North America, it took nearly 3 years to come out. By the time of the international release, the 3DS was all-but dead and Yo-kai Watch 4 had been announced in Japan already (4 was originally intended to come out in 2018 but was pushed back several months to 2019).
  • The Original Darrin: A dub example. To make up for the dub of the Yo-kai Watch anime replacing everyone due to budgeting concerns, Yo-kai Watch 3 brought back nearly every one of the original actors to their respective roles (only Griffin Burns keeps his role as Nate).


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