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YMMV / What Madness is This?

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Prince Viktor is a violent, unhinged lunatic who becomes the leader of Russia and England once his parents die. Before becoming a world leader, Viktor murders three prostitutes for no reason, and kills his two brothers when he learns that he will be skipped in the line of succession due to his belligerent behavior. Once he obtains power, Viktor immediately sets out on a war of aggression with Persia and China with the intent on expanding his territory and power. Viktor organizes genocides in Afghanistan and Baluchistan, partly out of a desire to keep them in line and partly to fuel his own sadism. Viktor also organizes massive pogroms across Russia, killing many thousands of Jews. When England rebels against him due to his actions, Viktor orders his troops to raze London and kill every man, woman and child. When France and Sweden blockade Russia's ports to stop his depravity, Viktor seriously considers starting a global war with them, prompting the armed forces to launch a coup and have him killed.
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    • Charles Oswald, also known as John F. Kennedy, or the Beast of America, slowly rises through the ranks of the Republican Union to become its most feared and hated leader. Born in a ghetto for Catholics, Slavs, and the Irish, Oswald kills his family, fakes his death, and kills a forger after the latter gives him a new identity in order to blend in with the rest of society without concern. Becoming a major figure in the Union, Oswald demonstrates his brutality during the World War when he has every person marked as an Inferior rounded up and murdered en masse, and organizes random massacres of southern civilians to terrify them into obedience. Once Joe Steele dies, Oswald takes control of the government, expanding his violent spree across the entire south. Oswald also organizes several false-flag terrorist attacks in order to give himself more power and control of the country. To show the other nations of the world that he's as serious as Steele, Oswald has Rio nuked, killing over three million people. To expand the Union's power, Oswald supports genocidal dictatorships in Indonesia and South Africa, and conquers England, Scotland, and Ireland, using massive force and excessive collateral damage. After Kaiser Wilhelm expresses disgust with Oswald's actions, Oswald tries to have him murdered. Oswald also orders the extermination of black people in the Union, killing many millions. When people all across the Union start to rebel, Oswald nukes a rebelling city, planning to do the same twice more. When a coup is launched against him, Oswald orders the capital of Philadelphia to be nuked to spite his enemies.
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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: By the time the 21st Century rolls around in the reboot ending, the evil NUSA is the only world power still intact, with Europe and Russia existing solely as nuclear wasteland. By this point it's pretty obvious that even if NUSA falls humanity is screwed six ways to Sunday.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Richard Nixon, as can be expected.


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