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YMMV / Tucker: The Man and His Dream

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  • Critical Dissonance: The film received very positive reviews from critics, but bombed in theatres.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Since this film is about the immediate eventual fall of an automobile developer who never recovered, this also led to the film to become a Box Office Bomb amongst filmgoers. Subverted, due to the upbeat and hopeful tone of the film and Jeff Bridges' plucky and light-hearted performance.
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  • Iron Woobie: Preston Tucker, a happy soul and a gifted innovator who only wanted to make safe automobiles, yet he is screwed over by his own company board and the Big Three led by Senator Ferguson, was charged with stock fraud and eventually went broke and died in obscurity from lung cancer. Nonetheless, he braves on with an optimistic smile on his face with hope how his beliefs would live on with future auto developers to follow them.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped/Values Resonance: Consider that American auto industries are lagging behind ones made by Japan and Germany since 1980s, this movie's support for innovation over aesthetics and For The Money nature of monopolistic industries to prevent progressive competition still maintained its tone.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Like most of Francis Ford Coppola's non-The Godfather movies, the film suffers from this.


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