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YMMV / The Young Bucks

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Are the Bucks an enormously talented and creative tag team who are great at drawing heel heat, or are they a couple of useless spot-monkeys with no sense of ring psychology and poor selling ability?
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Among the biggest in wrestling, and even within Bullet Club itself. Their characters are arrogant to the point of douchery, to the point that they even make their high flying wrestling look like part of their egomania. Despite this, however, they're cheered to the point of being booked as faces nearly everywhere they go save for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and their merchandise sells like hotcakes especially with Ring of Honor crowds.
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  • Evil Is Cool: This is why they get the leather pants. The Superkick Party gimmick, the association with Bullet Club (and now The Elite with Kenny Omega), and the presence they have on social media, all help make them appealing to a wide section of fans.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Their web show Being the Elite's plotlines included a "WWE Stooge" who was responsible for kidnapping Hangman Page, preventing Cody from using his last name in the indies, "resurrecting" Adam Cole for NXT after the show "killed" him off, and their opening salvo - sending a Cease & Desist to the Bucks about the use of the "Too Sweet" gesture. After the Bucks staged a "invasion" of Raw, they did end up getting a real C&D on that very issue.
  • Memetic Mutation
    • Super kick #2 (counting the number thrown by either Buck or whoever else might be teaming with them)
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    • From the 2014 Invasion Attack: "Prince Devitto, tope con hiro dasnuca. YAH, Young Bucksu? Go homu! Prease go homu, Young Bucksu!"


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