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YMMV / The Neverwinter Saga

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Sylora Salm is a Thayan sorceress working under the orders of the Archlich Szass Tam to complete the construction of a Dread Ring, a powerful necromantic artifact. To go about this, she follows her rival Dahlia Sin'felle into the bowels of Gauntlgrym and mind controls the dwarf Athrogate into unleashing the Fire Primordial imprisoned there. This causes a volcanic eruption that destroys the city of Neverwinter and kills tens of thousands. Sylora uses the corpses to empower the Dread Ring and to create an army of ash zombies that constantly assault the survivors. Sylora is also shown to be pure evil on a personal level when she manipulates a cultist named Jestry into falling in love with her and then twists him into a constantly suffering abomination to serve as her bodyguard, and dominates the now insane undead Valindra Shadowmantle into being her servant.
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    • Herzgo Alegni, unlike most of the relatively few rapists in the Forgotten Realms setting, likes preying on kids. At one point, he and his warband raided a village, killing all the men and taking possession of the women. Alegni took a woman hostage to force her 10-year-old daughter, Dahlia, to let him rape her. When he was finished, he had his men hold Dahlia upside down to make her more likely to get pregnant before he broke the mother's neck for fun. He also uses a powerful magical sword to enslave Artemis Entreri (a former villain who had undergone a Heel–Face Turn and just wanted to be left alone) as his personal assassin, and used the sword to stab pain directly into Entreri's soul whenever he was pissed or just plain bored. He also commits murder for the pettiest of reasons, such as somebody naming a bridge after somebody else besides him, even though he had nothing to do with the bridge's construction.

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