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  • Acceptable Targets: A lot. From Domestic Abusers, Deadbeat Parents, Abusive Parents, Cheats, Thieves, the list goes on. And it sure is satisfying to watch Jeremy put them in their place.
  • Bile Fascination: Many people consider the show to be comedy for how Jeremy takes the most abrasive guests to task, or seeing just how outrageous some of them can get with their behaviour.
  • Canon Discontinuity: The entire series immediately after its cancellation, with Kyle himself becoming something of an Un-person.
  • Critical Research Failure: Many accused the show for picking out the worst underclass people in society to "drag" them onto the show so that the viewers can make fun of them. This is despite the fact that it was the guests who asked to be on the show.
    • Admittedly there have been doubts about the ethics of how guests were... persuaded... to come on.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Security Steve is loved by many for his interactions with Jeremy and despite looking like your usual intimidating security guard, is actually pretty friendly and soft-spoken. This hadn't gone unnoticed by Jeremy, who was fully aware of Security Steve's popularity within his fanbase.
    • Many of the guests can be this, especially those who are genuinely kind, very outlandish and/or hilarious.
  • Guilty Pleasure: For some.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: All of Jeremy's screaming at guests about what terrible people they are becomes a little harder to watch once it's remembered that it's what led to the show being canceled. And even worse when one remembers it was canceled because it was accused of leading a guest to committing suicide.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • One episode was about a teenage couple where the girl admitted for cheating. The boy's reaction? He forgave her on the spot. Jeremy was taken aback of their maturity, noting that they, despite being teens, were considerably more mature than most of his guests.
    • Parrot Man shows off his two parrots.
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    • One episode featured a woman who cheated on her boyfriend, got pregnant, and they went to Jeremy to find out if the kid was his. He wasn't, but her partner forgave her and they were able to move forward. Later she got pregnant again, and despite the fact he didn't necessarily think she'd cheated, he was having trouble accepting his new baby, fearful he'd develop an emotional bond and then find out again it wasn't his. They went back to Jeremy to do another test and confirmed this time the baby was his. The man got to hold his new baby, finally clear of uncertainty.
    • Jeremy Kyle always making it a point to focus on the child or children above anything else.
    • Just about anyone who manages to get over their addictions or problems that were ruining their lives beforehand. It's always sweet to see people who had hit rock bottom managed to crawl their way out with the help of Jeremy and the aftercare team.
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    • Most of the time, it's also quite nice to see people find the relatives they haven't seen or never even knew they have. And even if they don't, some of them may instead have a guardian or close friend who will still remain close to them and perhaps even still consider them as family.
  • Memetic Badass: Betty the Warrior Granny. At a glance she seemed like a sweet, harmless old lady, but she showed that she wasn't going to take any shit from her son in law and got up and threatened him with her cane, which got a big cheer from the crowd. This made her an online sensation.
  • Memetic Mutation: This clip of Jeremy slamming his audience for their own use Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male. When the guest describes being locked in an apartment and having to jump out the window to escape, the audience laughs. Jeremy taking them to task for laughing and pointing out the double standard became a popular clip to show whenever a viewer wanted to point out another such double standard.
  • Moral Event Horizon: On a personal level, some guests (often those who fail lie detectors) cross this for those who they used to care for them, whether it's betraying their trust that did so or stealing something truly irreplaceable. They can cross this with the viewers as well if what they did was that disgusting. (Seriously, who steals jewellery from a baby?).
    • ITV arguably passed this point itself in May 2019, after repeated media reports of pressuring and abuse of participants (including guests being given alcohol and drug money, deliberately antagonised and wound up by ITV staff to get them angry for the cameras, not allowed to back out of the programme even after withdrawing consent and receiving little to no aftercare) came to a head after a former participant committed suicide after a lie detector indicated that he had been cheating on his partner.
  • The Scrappy: Many of the guests can also be this, especially those who are rude, violent, and abusive. Most notably the more notorious guests. For every Julie King, there's a Glenn. Lampshaded by Jeremy on the latter's return as he announced "Glenn is back, unfortunately, on The Jeremy Kyle Show!"
  • What an Idiot!: The man that got head butted in one episode. Friendly advice; if you want to leave your nose intact, don't insult the already-infuriated man as soon as you enter the stage.


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