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Tear Jerker / The Jeremy Kyle Show

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  • Some people go on the show simply because they want to find their parents. Sometimes they think they've finally found them but the DNA test reveals they're not the one. Tears ensue.
  • Same goes for men who want to be a child's father, but end up finding out they aren't. One particular case is two men whose friendship was destroyed when one slept with the other's girlfriend. But it takes a twist when it turns out neither one is the child's father. The boyfriend (who had the baby's name tattooed on his neck) runs backstage, and shortly thereafter the two men are hugging each other crying together.
    Jeremy: Tommy, time to put you two back together.
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  • There are also some guests that have sadly passed away since being on the show. Two examples being Betty, a well-loved grandmother, and Leanne Johnson, who succumbed to a heroin relapse after making substantial progress on the show's rehab programme. An episode was made in tribute to the former, wherein her family members return to pay their respects.
  • This potentially classes as both Nightmare Fuel and Tearjerker: one episode was made in tribute to Alan Henning, a volunteer who was executed by ISIS after going to Syria to give aid there. The episode features his daughter and her cousin as guests, and Alan's daughter recalls how she learned of her father's death on Instagram.

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