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  • Americans Hate Tingle: Some online comments mention that not all Japanese were open to the idea that the South Koreans would take the lead in adapting the franchise to a live-action drama.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Seriously, who thought that mixing K-Drama (moreover, live action series in general) with Idolmaster would be realized in the franchise's lifetime?
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Downplayed; this series was the first of the franchise to suffer from this, because the majority of fans had never even talked or mentioned about the show following its airing. That being said, there is a pocket of fans that were introduced to the franchise with this series.
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  • Retroactive Recognition: Yukika Teramoto was a model and actress in Japan before she took a break for college and returned to enter the Real Girls Project. Many fans who weren't familiar with her work before were shocked to see she had been an active voice actress in Japan and even played Choco in the Live-Action Adaptation for ChocoMimi.

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