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YMMV / The Black Phone

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  • Genius Bonus: Those familiar with the Denver area will recognize Rocky Flats, where Finney's abusive dad works, as a nuclear plant later revealed as one of the most mismanaged, polluted and radioactive sites in America, meaning that even though he survives the movie Finney's dad is probably going to be dead soon anyway.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: James Ransone now has the odd distinction of appearing in two adaptations of horror stories written by a father and his son. Even more coincidentally, both works are period stories set in small American towns and feature young children who defeat a child-killing antagonist who is associated with balloons of a specific color, with Ransone's characters both being neurotic Motor Mouths who are killed during the climax.
  • Love to Hate: The Grabber is a sadistic monster with virtually no redeeming features whatsoever but his sheer vileness and theatricality and the strength of the writing and direction and Ethan Hawke's magnificently committed, scenery chewing performance make him very compelling as a villain. His several drops of Black Comedy here and there, also help make him even more entertaining.