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  • Archive Panic: A minor example as the total length on the videos combined (counting extended episodes and livestreams) can easily be watched in two days (without breaks). It helps that there's a biweekly schedule plus long breaks in between seasons to allow people time to watch the videos.
  • Broken Base: Who's in the wrong over the Season 3 debacle over the rules? The producer Wil hired for not doing their job, or Wil himself for not checking the rules himself/hiring the producer in the first place to do a job that should have been easy enough/throwing said producer under the bus? Still others say they don't even see it as a problem, as the altered rules were applied equally to everyone, meaning they were all still fair games in their own right.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Wil stated, in the Ticket to Ride: Europe episode, that his wife Anne was quite the hit with fans.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Ryan made a joke during Star Trek Catan that his father was used to disappointment as he'd been around for a long time. Wil stopped muttering to himself long enough to assure his son that he would never be a dissapointment to him. Unless Ryan beat him on the show.
  • Hype Backlash: Only the first two episodes of Season 4 were freely available on YouTube before January 30, 2016. The rest of them were released bi-weekly on Alpha, a subscription platform with a monthly fee (and one that you're not even guaranteed to be able to subscribe to). Suffice to say that fans and even Wil were not happy.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Before Critical Role, this series was the Godzilla as far as Geek and Sundry went.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Wil's never gonna live down getting the rules wrong for most of the games in season 3 (He hired a producer to read the rules to the team, but they botched the job).
    • His wife Anne pounding the table hard enough to send every piece flying during Ticket to Ride. Wil's still bringing it up years later, saying that the Jenga-like element of Dread means it's not a game for her.
  • Rewatch Bonus: The Shadows over Camelot episode can make rewatchers wonder if Wil forgetting to use his special ability was intentional, considering he's the traitor.
  • The Woobie: When it comes to games with an emphasis on making up stories, there's almost bound to be a Woobie in the game somewhere.
    • Gloom is based entirely around messing with people and killing them off to score points, so nearly everyone that had died managed to be this trope.
    • Alison Haislip went for this trope in the Fiasco episode as frequently commented by the other players. She played a hard luck stripper getting her shot at dancing in a high class club and possibly reuniting with her ex-husband — whom she is still in love with — in a situation that is deliberately set up to go horribly wrong.
    John: (in character) Just don't — don't do anything bad.
    Alison: (in character) I was born bad, baby!
    John: (in character) I know, baby, and that's why I love you, but it's a very bad night for this!
    Alison: (in character, softly) ...You love me, Eddie?
    Wil: (excited and aghast) Ohh!! And he doesn't hear her say it! He runs away and the camera stays on her — disco ball, like, shooting shafts of light through the smoke...
    Alison: Crying a little, and I'm still just barely dancing...
    Wil: ...and she says, "You love me, Eddie?"
    All Players: (horrified laughing)
    Wil: (gleeful) Oh, God, it's so sad, it's so awful
    John: You are — you're feasting on the tragedy here!
    Wil: And it tastes so delicious...
    Alison: (triumphantly) Betty is FUCKED!
    • Then there's Frank the Giant in Once Upon A Time. He is The Last of His Kind after a global thermonuclear war to eradicate his race and winds up getting harassed by both villagers who are afraid of him and the parents of his Only Friend and lover, Steve the Fire Muse. Then, on their quest to get treasure, he loses Steve.
    • Wil himself falls into this sometimes. His track records of games he's lost on the series is impressive all things considered.


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