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  • The climax of the Dragon Age session has the heroes reaching to the top of the tower, where they discover that it used to be a stronghold where a brave knight had his Last Stand to save his queen. There, after confronting the ghost of said knight, they meet up with a spirit from The Fade known simply as "Duty", who asks them what became of the queen. Although they fumble and spilled the beans that she's dead, Sam's character tells Duty that the queen's time had come to a natural conclusion and that it's time to move on from her death. Duty asks if Ferelden is free. Wil confirms but says the world is imperiled. Duty decides to take the group out in a trip to see the entire country of Ferelden, complete with a moving song, where Duty confirms that his time must end and tells the group to be strong for Ferelden and for Thedas before leaving to The Fade, concluding the adventure not with a massive battle that usually comes with confronting people on the top of towers, but with a heartfelt message to the Gray Wardens.
  • When Kari Wahlgren wins Star Trek Catan, she says she has a Trapper Keeper with Wil's picture in it — and the certificate is going next to it. "This is my best day ever!" Wil, amazed at this, adds, "This is my best day ever, too!"
    • Wil and Jeri Ryan bonding over their experiences with Star Trek, recounting their excitement about the first time they were transported and even doing a flawless Star Trek Shake.
  • During their play of Lords Of Waterdeep, Brandon Laatsch informs Wil and the others that today's his birthday and even proves it. Cue the three people, especially Wil, awing at the idea that Brandon is spending his birthday playing with them. Felicia even feels concerned with trying to beat Brandon.
  • This video as a whole but especially "Jeorge"'s letter and donation.
  • When Hannah Hart wins in the Formula D episode, she dedicates the certificate to Wil (as well as the hug from Wil that comes after).
  • Felicia, in Fortune And Glory, decides to use her "It's a fake!" card not on Wil. Though it's not because she wants to give him a break, but rather because she recalled the last time she hindered Wil.
  • The fact that he's all smiles in the Catan Jr. episode, with no displayed salt when playing with those children.
    • In the intro, he discusses how thrilled he is that the show has become such a hit with family viewing, with many fans writing in about how it's introduced them to tons of games they now play with their kids (and consequently his relief that he was talked into censoring profanity from the players to make this possible).

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