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  • Angst? What Angst?: The main characters' hometown has been blown up, one of their exposition guides (Rip) turned out to be the Big Bad, another one (GHES) was destroyed by the former guide, and a number of their friends are dead. Two months later, John is the only one with some actual issues from it (refusing to delete Dave and Rose's handles from Pesterchum), and Jade simply forgets everything that happened.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The Mario Intermission. Intermission Act Two alone has lasted over three hundred and fifty pages, and it's aknowledged by the creator as more of the exposition for the real story. And there's an intermission within the intermission and two more acts after that. What makes matters worse is that there was only one page before it began; so the story basically starts out on it and we're introduced to the Mario aspects of the world first whereas things such as the kids' neighborhood only get passing reffrences. What makes matters even worse was that this intermission was originally intended to be extremely short and simple back when the comic was in its early stages. And, as it stands, most of it up to late into IA2 was actually rushed. Lampshaded here:
    The Princess (Thinking): Im never gonna get saved at this rate am i
    When it finally ends, Pikmin Fan actually apologises for it and gives the readers the option to skip it.
    • The Shipping Intermission itself. Pikmin Fan only wanted it to last about fourty pages (not much longer than Intermission Act One), but it turned out being over seventy. He said he wanted to have almost everybody (with obvious exceptions such as John, Jade, and Nepeta) die before the ocean gets nuked, but he eventually decided to cut it short and end the pre-nuke deaths at Eridan.
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    • John, Jade, Jane, and Jake trying to break out of their inward journey rooms in the first part of Intermission Act Three. It took around 200 pages, though quite a few times the perspective did switch to the other characters.
    • Act Two Act Two completely blows all of the above away. Seven hundred and nine pages, twice the length of Intermission Act Two and (even if you do split it up by the rather short Act Two Act Two intermissions) the absolute longest individual subact/intermission in the comic. This wouldn't be so notable if it wasn't for how, contrast to the comic's general overly fast and confusing pace, the pacing during this subact is very slow for the most part.
  • Badass Decay: Vriska spends most of the story focusing on making a "karma list" (but generally half-assing it) instead of doing almost anything else, giving herself a much less active role.
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • The Shipping Intermission. It's a completely out-of-nowhere story arc featuring the cast in a new plotline, nothing in the Mario session being hinted at, and overall it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the main story. It doesn't help that the following Intermission Intermission does and is a direct look on the counterpart's journey to try to safely deliver the Nepeta clones to Alternia to fulfill a Stable Time Loop. Oh, and halfway through this intermission, the cast starts dying by the buttloads. The ones who survived are nuked. After that, it turns out that the whole thing is a fan fiction... written by Spongebob Squarepants in sunglasses, which only raises more questions. It's something of an Innocuously Important Episode as much later it's revealed that it also accurately tells of an alternate universe that led to the creation of the Hat Goddess, but that still doesn't make it not feel like it came out of nowhere.
    • The thousanth, fifteen hundreth and tenth (that was supposed to be for page 1500), and two-thousanth pages are very odd filler comics. The first is a short story about John and Jade being attacked by clones of themselves arising from the lack of original ideas at a movie store then defeating them by suing the people behind the company for leaving them there which Makes Just as Much Sense in Context since they're supposed to be trapped and suddenly their clones switched sides, and the second and third are talk shows. Said second special is an interview with the patron trolls (each of the main four asks them one question, to which they all answer), and said third is one with the Revenge Five (Jade takes this one solo and interviews them one-by-one). Oh yes, and the first talk show/second special has some "facts" that include Jane saying that a human male's ejaculation is faster than any land animal. Yes, really. Believe it or not, the first one might also be an Innocuously Important Episode, retroactively foreshadowing the massive number of alter egoes. Particularly the technicolor ones.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Aranea's sudden flip into a villain sure was ironic, huh? I mean, helping Vriska's mind control plan aside, it sure doesn't seem likely that she will actually become such a terrible, ruthless villain like her post-scratch self (HS)/patron ancestor (SJAHJ), right? ...Right?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Twice, John "combines" but avoids "fuse combining" because he doesn't want to think about what would happen if he fused with Yoshi or Jade and his FIRE counterpart. Speaking of "fuse combining..."
    • Worth mentioning: SJAHJ actually uses the "Over Nine Thousand" meme before Homestuck itself does.
    • John and Jean's reaction towards Dave's update in SJAHJ after John's flipout in Homestuck Act 6 Intermission 3. Particularly his reaction to Davesprite's note...
    • To an extent, the beginning of the Shipping Intermission after this set of updates. What is the event/person/people/ship that mainly sets off this whole chain of literal Ship-to-Ship Combat, sending people into doubt and dissaray? Tavris. In fact, Auto Responder specifically seems to distrust Tavris because of their fused form, and willingness to fuse.
    • The Mario world themes are lifted directly from the two New Super Mario Bros. games released at the time, with the jokes about the lifting being more than there (especially of how there's the notion that World 5 has a "new" theme, yet later on it turns out to use be another mountain world). Both of the games released after the SJAHJ Mario worlds reveal also reuse these level themes, retroactivley making the Mario Session a parody of the New series's reusal of biomes.
    • From the Trip Intermission, posted on September:
    Jude: they delayed pikmin 3's releese date again?
    Several months after this update, it turns out that Pikmin 3 was in fact delayed from the second quarter to August.
    • This page predicts the Rosesprite incident, where a free (...enough) kernel gets prototyped with someone who is already alive despite another character having plans for them. Except whereas Jaspersprite was just trying to revive the dead Rose he saw, Roxy intentionally wasted prototypes to fuck with the Blue and Yellow Team.
    • The Evil is a skeleton who speaks in comic sans, albeit one that is also an evil villain that seems to be made of darkness. On the flip side, he's a parody of Mario RPGs where Bowser is usually hijacked by some new villain. Starting from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, this wasn't the case, and he hijacked villain title in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, securing two spots as the final Big Bad in a row.
    • In SJAHJ, Jake ends up fighting Roxy, who ends up holding nearly every juju in the story. Towards the final battle of Homestuck, Jake ends up fighting the Felt, who hold nearly every juju in the story.
  • Iron Woobie: Vriska. She takes everything that happens to her pretty well, aside from the initial loss of her legs, which sparked an outburst to Jade.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • How does Roxy sign off her message to Jane in Act 2 Act 2 after she's snapped? By saying she's right behind her. The next page consists entirley of Jane turning. The page after that reveals that she's not there, but then the page after that shows that she really was there, but above them.
    • Dave is established very early on to have the power to see into any conversation and simply butt in, provided that he has a dreamself out. He doesn't even need to make his presence apparant, but in all of the conversations he's been stated to spy on he does so anyway. Oh, and while this isn't explored as much, he can look into the Mario session through hacking a camera system. He can also enter dreams with ease and his dreamselves can teleport anywhere at any time, and at one point he sort-of watches John, Jade, Jane, Jake, and Nepeta sleeping.
  • Shallow Parody: By means of not doing the research. Pikmin Fan thought that "Leijon" was pronounced the same way as "legion" before reading that it's origins sound more like "lay-on". Half of the jokes about them don't make sense unless you think that or know of the misunderstanding too.

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