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YMMV / Rollercoaster

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The fanfic

  • Funny Moments: Surprisingly, there are.
    • Chapter 27 has this exchange:
      Tasha: Yeah, what is this; Hooray For Will's Penis Day?
      Riker: Ladies, please. Every day is Hooray For Will's Penis Day.
      Picard: Could everybody stop repeatedly saying the word "penis", please? Some of us are trying to make a nice cup of tea.
    • And Chapter 43 has this line:
      Riker: Well, now that the Yar marriage has been saved, perhaps we could turn our attentions to the less pressing issue of the destruction of all life on Earth.
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    • Chapter 2 in general. Have to recalibrate the wurly wurdles!
    • Not so surprisingly: in her other life Mistress Scibbles is Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch, a comedy writer who has written for Horrible Histories, The News Quiz and published her own comedy-fantasy series The Darkwood Series.

The film

  • Robo Ship: Duh again.
  • Complete Monster: The bomber, credited as "Young Man", derails a rollercoaster with an explosion and kills all of the riders, children included, and later causes a deadly fire at a dark ride. The bomber threatens to keep causing disasters at amusement parks unless he is paid a million dollars. When he receives the money, but it turns out to be marked, he decides to bomb another rollercoaster anyway as an act of revenge. When the first bomb he tries to use is deactivated, he gets another one to continue. When he is caught, he threatens to detonate the bomb unless the FBI let him go.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Tracy Calder is played by Helen Hunt, in one of her first film roles.
    • Steve Guttenberg makes his film debut in an uncredited role as a messenger.

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