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  • Complete Monster: Keith White is the head of a research group that uses humans (usually children) as test subjects for painful, unethical and often deadly experiments. When Alice asks if she and the children could just see the outside world for a second, he hits her, then he has all of the children shot, which leads to Alice being shot and merged with an alien lifeform, something which he shows absolutely no sorrow or regret over. When a colleague denounces the experiments as unethical, Keith laughs at him. Then, he creates multiple child clones of himself and implants them with nanotechnology, causing most to turn into monsters and die painfully. Even later, he shows up, taking over Keith Black's body and is thrilled at the thought of Alice launching a nuclear missile and driving the Jabberwock to blow up America with anti-matter. When Keith Violet tries to talk him out of it, he tosses her off of a building. He also kidnaps Katsumi, possessed by Alice, to get her to be taken over by the ARMS Bandersnatch and freeze the entire world. Finally, he kills Keith Blue, his son, with absolutely no remorse.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: All of the Keith series can be seen as one. They were all clones of Keith White, a Complete Monster Mad Scientist who see them as nothing more than tools. Keith Red died in despair after trying to kill Jabberwock, lamenting the Keith series' the-strongest-is-king mentality. Keith Green died helping Ryo reunite with Katsumi, who he was in love with. Keith Black/Cyril seemed like a true villain until you learn of his childhood, where he Used to Be a Sweet Kid until Edwow was sent away to form the Bluemen and became Keith Blue. It's even revealed later that White had a hand in his actions as the adult Black. Even Silver, the most aggressive by design and the second strongest after Black, showed a moment of compassion for Green, and pretty much died the way Red did. and Those not mentioned here were all killed by Cyril/Black or were good guys.
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  • Narm: Ryo and Hayato meeting for the first time. Ryo offers his hand to shake, and it suddenly cuts away as a loud slap dramatically echoes through the homeroom. We cut back to Ryo and Hayato as the entire class is staring at them, revealing that the noise came from Hayato smacking Ryo's hand aside. The real narmy part comes from Hayato standing stationary, angrily avoiding looking at Ryo, and keeping his hand in the post-smacking position for several seconds. It's more dramatic than it should be.


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