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YMMV / Pokémon Zeta and Omicron

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  • Game-Breaker: As long as you have enough money to get it to the point, the Secret Base - it's entirely possible to have Pokemon at level 80 once you get there, as demonstrated by this guide. Outside of insane leveling up, if you're lucky, you can get access to the T Ms for Hyper Beam and Earthquake long before they would otherwise be available in other games. And of course, as noted below under Good Bad Bugs, you could also use it to gain access to lv 120 Pokemon in the Aroma region.
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  • Good Bad Bugs: By exploiting the Day Care being moved to the Secret Base during the story in Aroma, you can bring over up to two pokémon from Vesryn before finishing the story in Aroma. Like a level 120 Garchomp.
  • Junk Rare: For some reason, Spearow has a 2% chance of appearing on one route, only during daytime.
  • That One Boss: Miranda, the eighth gym leader, is this to a lot of people. She uses Fire Types, which wouldn't be such a problem if there wasn't permanent sun in her gym, increasing the power of fire type moves by 50%. Additionally, you fight her in a multi battle along with your rival, whose pokémon are nearly useless against hers and will likely leave you in a 2 vs 1 situation before long.
  • That One Level: The "sneak into the Pokehadron Collider" segment of the plot is very long and has you taking an extremely long route north while fighting trainers and Pokemon with no, repeat, no places along the route to stop and rest or get more healing items. Also a lot of the trainers use Steel-types in the rain, making it hard to counter them with Fire attacks (assuming you even have a Pokemon who knows Fire attacks by then, which can also be hard).
    • Mt. Press likely qualifies as well. True, it has a few Nurse joys strung along the way to ease things somewhat. But you can't fly off of it and Odin/Zeus, sitting in the heart of Mt.Press, is packing nightmarishly strong pokemon. A solo run with a pokemon of the wrong type can be impossible.

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