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YMMV / Medal of Honor (2010)

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  • Awesome Music: Heroes Aboard can put a tear in your eye.
  • Broken Base: MOH 2010 and Warfighter have split the franchise in terms of whether they're worthy of the brand name, but the majority at least really don't like Warfighter, as it was the worst-received game in the franchise.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Expects nothing but Spec-Ops in Warfighter's public multiplayer matches. While not really a Game-Breaker, their periodic x-ray vision and fast-firing close combat rifle with good damage are the go-to choices for many.
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  • Complete Monster: In Warfighter, the Cleric, the leader of several terrorist factions in the Middle East, is in reality Hassan Rasheed, a wealthy Arab banker from Dubai. Convincing hundreds of people to follow his cause of "fighting the Eagle", The Cleric trains them and sends them to commit various terrorist acts, like taking half a dozen people hostage and trying to kill them and the soldiers who arrive to save them. Discovering a powerful bomb, called PETN, Hassan sends several suicide bombers to various train stations to blow themselves up and kill countless innocent people. When Task Force discovers his base of operations and attacks it, Hassan sets his building on fire, along with all his men inside, and tries to blow himself up, hoping to take down the US soldiers with him.
  • Cult Classic: While few play the game and nobody attempts to justify its campaign, Warfighter's multiplayer was surprisingly well-received by the players and fondly remembered due to its innovative features that few other games had, especially the buddy system.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Medal of Honor: Doorfighter, after Miracle of Sound made a song called it in reference to Warfighter's rather thorough system (including various breach tools to unlock across the singleplayer campaign) to how you breach a door.
  • Snark Bait: Warfighter gets a lot of snark for its title, with some people saying it might as well be called Medal of Honor: Gunshooter. For what it's worth, "warfighter" is the US Department of Defense's catch-all term for any individual personnel (armed or support) regardless of branch of service or nation of origin (so a Royal Marine seriving under the UK flag is also a warfighter). It is generally used when the other catch-all term, "service member", does not sound macho enough.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Medal of Honor (2010)'s ending. Rabbit dying slowly. In first person view. While your comrades are trying desperately to keep you alive until the helicopter arrives.
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    • In Warfighter Preacher screaming in rage over Mother's death and also his funeral at the end.
  • Uncanny Valley: Multiple reviewers have noted this regarding the pre-rendered cinematics by Digital Domain in Warfighter. Everything is incredibly photorealistic and could actually be mistaken for live-action... but the technology still can't get human faces quite right, and the result is incredibly jarring and unnerving. Preacher's wife and daughter get especially hit hard with this.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: The enemies in Warfighter seem to be seriously outclassed at every turn by the protagonists. The robot sections in particular got a lot of people annoyed that we were supposed to be rooting for the gun-armed killdroid when the enemy's only defenses against it were small arms and rocks.
  • The Woobie: Rabbit. Poor Rabbit. He falls from a helicopter, gets the building blown up around him, forcing Mother to drag him to safety, gets shot, jumps off a cliff, gets captured, escapes, gets captured AGAIN, is tortured, but then rescued, but finally succumbs to his wounds while waiting for a rescue helicopter. The worst part is that this all happened over a period of a few hours.

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