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YMMV / London and Kendrick

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  • Crazy Awesome: Suicide Dive through the ropes? That's fine. Shooting Star Press using your partner as a stepping stone? Sure! Climb a ladder and hurl you and your opponent onto the mat? Okay! A Shriranui/Power Bomb Combo? Hell yeah!
    • JBL—back when he was on commentary—heaped praise on them being this. He once called a strategy that they pulled off a 'Northern Light', meaning that they did something that no one has ever thought of before. (He also noted that they were both talented and weird kids that came from Pluto)
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Paul London and Spanky's tag team run on Velocity had frequent cries from people on the internet demanding they get more exposure. Paul London's Cruiserweight title run and The Brian Kendrick were also very much enjoyed. Their tag team eventually got the exposure fans wanted too.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Brian's rap against John Cena in 2003. 'Nuff said.
    Brian: "When I say Cena, you say sucks! Cena.."
    Audience: "Sucks!"
    • They once had ring gear that was half green and half purple with a joker head on the back. You don't say...
    • As listed on the main page under Conspiracy Theorist, both London and Kendrick believed that lizard people were planning to take over the Earth. When London debuted on Lucha Underground in 2016 as the leader of the Rabbit Tribe, he and his compatriots soon found themselves matched up against... the Reptile Tribe, lizard people who apparently want to take over the Earth.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: And how. Suicide dives are always a specialty when these two clear the ring. Let's also not forget the ladder match.
    • Brian Kendrick to this Up to Eleven at the Cruiserweight Classic tournament when he unleashed the BURNING HAMMER on Kota Ibushi and Ibushi kicked out of it!
  • Never Live It Down: Paul corpsing during the "limo explosion" segment.

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