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  • London and Kendrick defeated MNM at Judgment Day 2006 after defeating them in 5 straight victories (which included a regular tag team match, singles matches, a six-man tag team match and a six mixed-tag team match).
  • Armageddon 2006, the two are put into a Fatal Four-way Tag Team Ladder Match with William Regal and Dave Taylor, MNM and The Hardyz. This results in a half-hour tandem match with everyone beating the ever living crap out of each other, with London and Kendrick winning the match.
    • To emphasize this: The Hardyz were five-time tag team champions, MNM held the tag team championships thrice and William Regal and Dave Taylor were veterans from the WWF. London and Kendrick decimated them all.
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  • For wrestlers that were never in the upper card, they hold the fourth longest reign of being Tag Team Champions (the first three are all World Tag Team Champions). Paul London alone has the longest reign as a tag team champion alone thanks to his previous championship with Billy Kidman against The Dudley Boyz, who were ten-time Tag Team Champions and long-running rivals of both E & C and the Hardyz.
  • 2016 was a renaissance for both London and Kendrick. Kendrick entered the first WWE Cruiserweight Classic and went all the way to the quarterfinals, only losing after a hellacious match against Kota Ibushi (Kendrick even pulled out a BURNING FREAKIN' HAMMER on Ibushi), and he became part of the new cruiserweight division on Raw. Meanwhile, London joined Lucha Underground both as a roster member and a behind the scenes guy, and from the looks of the Season 3 trailer, he'll be leading up a mysterious and VERY strange trio called the Rabbit Tribe.

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