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Trivia / London and Kendrick

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  • Creative Differences: ROH wanted Paul London back and Paul London wanted to go back to ROH. But ROH wanted London to tag with Kendrick, as they were marketing their shows with "the deepest tag team division in the world" while London felt he had a singles career in ROH to finish. So their 2010s relationship didn't last as long as anyone wanted it to.
  • Fan Nickname: Their first run as Paul London and Spanky was known as the "Young Lions" on wrestling sites. Their second one was called Londrick (based on their last names). They were widely called 'Hooliganz' amongst fans after they started have the word their boots and took to wearing harlequin masks but none officially caught on in WWE.
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  • Romance on the Set: Paul dated Angel Williams and Ashley Massaro.
  • Star-Making Role: Their championship win against MNM at Judgement Day 2006 or the Fatal Four-Way Ladder Match at Armageddon 2006.
  • Throw It In: The "The" in The Brian Kendrick only came about because the WWE RAW announcer Adam Brooke constantly kept calling him "The Brian Kendrick".
  • What Could Have Been: When Roderick Strong was injured in 2014, he was replaced as Paul London's opponent by Cedric Alexander. London wasn't told of the change ahead of time and so declined, deciding to go to Revolution Championship Wrestling in Spain. London and Ring Of Honor (and Kendrick) would get back together when ROH was working with Preston City Wrestling in the UK and London happened to be on the PCW roster.