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YMMV / Journey to the West (1996)

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  • Awesome Music: Check out the theme song for yourself.
  • Broken Base: Fans are passionate about which Wukong (Dicky Cheung or Benny Chan) is their favorite.
  • Foe Yay: The Long Armed Ape Monkey's obsession with Wukong naturally led to shipping.
  • Ho Yay: Oodles between Sanzang and Wukong. Season 1 has Sanzang healing a badly injured Wukong with a teardrop, Wukong sparing hunters' lives because of a flashback to Sanzang, Wukong carrying an unconscious Sanzang through a desert, Wukong crawling to touch Sanzang's hand and curling by his head, Sanzang and Wukong going behind Bajie and Wujing's backs to steal their babies in womanland, etc. Season 2 includes fake marriage (with Wukong Disguised in Drag), mock banter, more hand-holding, Sanzang frequently rubbing Wukong's head, and Sanzang willingly leaving his quest for the sutra to retrieve Wukong. Even Bajie thinks the sutra represents all of Sanzang's hopes and dreams. A few quote examples include:
    • From s2e27 while the group is stuck in the land of the 9 suns.:
      • Wukong: If anyone dies, then me and Master die together.
    • From Season 2:
      • Wukong: True, sometimes the headband causes me great pain. But it also represents the affection between Master and I.
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    • From s2e39 during Sanzang's Disney Death:
      • Sanzang: (grabbing Wukong's hand) You will always be my best disciple.
    • From s2e41 when a framed Wukong is trying to convince Sanzang he's returned to being an evil demon:
      • En En: I guess the Tang priest loves him more than me.
      • Sanzang: If you want to eat someone, then eat me first.
      • Sanzang: If you want to be married, then I will be your witness. If you want children, then I will take care of them for you.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Bajie. He's had to endure multiple lifetimes of tragedy, each involving the death of a woman he falls in love with. Even after he's supposedly relieved of this punishment so he can redeem himself by becoming Sanzang's disciple, he ends up with yet another tragic love life where his true form scares his fiance to death. These would certainly make Bajie a big woobie...if his perverted behavior back when he was a soldier for Heaven didn't send him down this path in the first place.
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  • One-Scene Wonder: Nüwa (yes, that Nüwa) in the opening scene of second season where she in her glory mends the heavens (and inadvertantly leaves two magical stones from which Wukong and Little Monkey were born on Earth).
  • Special Effect Failure: The effects of the series has not aged well. It wouldn't be so bad if the series didn't keep showcasing them as a selling point.
  • Squick: Heavily dehydrated while traveling through the desert, Wukong, Bajie and Wujing resort to keeping Sangzang hydrated by feeding him their piss.
  • The Woobie: Spider Demoness' Si Si and En En.
    • Si Si spent 500 years searching for her reincarnated lover who perished as a human when attempting to protect her from a lynch mob. When she eventually found him, he was revealed to have been reincarnated into a Centipede demon who doesn't cherish their new-found love and instead seek ultimate power. In an ironic moment, Si Si attempted to protect the Centipede demon from another lynch mob and perished along with him (Both of them lost their powers).
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    • En En died due to her unrequited love for Wukong.


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