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For the film:

  • Award Snub:
    • John Travolta did get a Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Comedy for playing Chili, but wasn't even nominated for the Oscars. Considering this was coming during the "comeback period" of Pulp Fiction throughout The '90s, this was a slight snub.
    • A decent Elmore Leonard -based screenplay not even getting a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination? HUGE snub.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Chili Palmer, who almost effortlessly manages to play, manipulate or outwit everyone he meets.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Ray was presented as merely a Jerkass idiot up to this point, but he arguably crosses it when he punches Fay in the face to coerce information out of her he wants to find out about Leo.
    • If Bo didn't cross it when he kills Yayo instead of paying him the money in the airport locker, he did when he threatened to get Bear sent to prison and separating him from his daughter.
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • Renee Props as Nicki, Martin Weir's rock star girlfriend. Technically she appears in two scenes but has no lines in the first.
    • Bette Midler as the widow of Harry's screenwriter. She was supposed to appear in just her first scene with Harry, but she went on to appear in two more scenes later, when Chili and Karen visit Harry in the hospital and again in the final scene.
    • Alex Rocco as Ray Bones' boss, who thinks Ray is stupid for starting a beef with Chili in the first place when Bones asks him to get involved.
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  • Retroactive Recognition: James Gandolfini as Bear, a few years before his star-making turn in The Sopranos.

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