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YMMV / Get Ed

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  • Awesome Music: The Theme Song and some of the Leitmotifs.
  • Complete Monster: Mr. Simon Bedlam is an evil bureaucrat and Corrupt Corporate Executive who was originally business partners with Anthony Ol' Skool before he cheated him out of the business, leaving Ol' Skool with nothing. He also expands his business by killing off all his competitors and gaining a significant half of Progress City, before deciding to destroy the other half so he can rebuild under his control, uncaring about the innocent lives lost in the process. When courier Ed foils this plan, Bedlam develops an obsession with Ed's DNA, wanting to use it for his own sinister machinations. This obsession would have Bedlam subject Ed to a DNA extracting process which he describes as "very painful", forcibly convert an innocent man into a cyborg to kill Ed, and forces Ed to watch as he subjects Deets, Ed's Love Interest who was forced to work for Bedlam when he was holding her parents hostage, to Electric Torture until Ed complies to give him his DNA. Using his DNA to physically turn himself into another version of Ed, Bedlam then proceeds to destroy the couriers headquarters, seemingly killing Ol' Skool along the way, and later kills off his own right-hand woman, Kora, when he believes that she is of no use for him. When he learns of "The Machine" and its destructive capabilities he decides to use it to destroy Progress City and re-create it in his own image, which would kill millions in the process. A monstrous megalomaniac willing to destroy everything and everyone in his path to obtain total control over Progress City, Bedlam cements himself as the heroes most personal adversary.

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