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YMMV / Future Force

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  • Complete Monster: Becker is twice as evil as his slimy boss Jason Adams, serving as the chief-of-security for C.O.P.S. and his boss's brutish enforcer. Becker maintains the corruption of the system while participating in the brutal execution of rivals—such as a man he taunts before leaving him to be crushed in a car compactor and the henchmen of another mobster he murders—while personally taking care of any threats, arranging for the execution of a reporter, Marion, and Tucker, the cop defending her. Along the way, Becker tortures Marion's friend to death with a knife; cuts open the throat of Becker's one other friend on the force; and personally murders Tucker's disabled partner out of spite, trying to torture Tucker to death himself while laughing he's "killed women tougher than you!"
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  • Narm: Depending on the scene, Carradine was either extremely drunk or just apathetic enough to seem that way, and this most certainly comes through in his performance.

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