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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • When it comes to overall content, Archangel Flonne sees play on just about every team due to her Heaven's Guardian evility, which adds 15 SP to all party members with a DEF buff at the end of her turn, a condition that is very easy to meet either via her own skills or the skills of other party members, making it easier for the rest of the party to use their best skills. The rest of her skills and evilities further boosts stats, damage, and heals the party, making her one of the best all-around support units for any situation. It's quite telling that despite the JP version receiving plenty of powerful support units since her release, Archangel Flonne continues to show up on many teams.
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    • Attired Rozalin, also known as New Year Rozalin. There was a lot of hype going into global version's New Year's event as she was the first SS ranked character according to JP tier lists and it's hard not to see why when her main evility boosts the party's Action Gauge by 100 at the start of the wave, helping to ensure the player's party goes first. While her overall use began to wane as better units started coming out, she returned with a vengeance when PVP was introduced as her main evility activated immediately with no conditions, allowing players to get use out of her with little investment. And those that do invest in her get an evility that boosts EXP gain by 7%, the highest of any character, making her useful for grinding.
    • Calamity Adell. While already a powerful unit upon release, he soon became the bane of PVP due to his Anthropology skill, which grants +1000 to his Action Gauge (which is the equivalent of immediately getting another turn) whenever he kills an enemy unit in addition to healing him and increasing his ATK. In PVE, it doesn't see much use due to how bulky higher-end enemies can be. However, in PVP, where the enemy units are not so bulky, Anthropology is more likely to kill, which, combined with all his evilities boosting his stats and SP, makes it easy for him to quickly sweep the enemy party before they can even attack.
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    • Kagemaru. While a rather fair Axe-wielding unit for PVE, for PVP she became an utter monster thanks to her "Iron Wire Stealth" self-buff. For the five turns it's active, she gets both an ATK buff and will counter-attack anyone that hits her, including Ao E skills. Add in her fourth Evility, which gives her a massive 80% ATK buff for a turn when hit, and with some properly set-up teammates and equipment, she can reliably serve as the team anchor for defensive missions.
    • NISA. In PVP she's known to enact comebacks thanks to her second Evility "Indomitable Guts", which will revive her with 1 HP if she'd take fatal damage. Doesn't sound like much, but it grants her an immediate turn, which synergizes with her fourth Evility, "Heroic Power", which gives her 100 SP if her health is at 1% or less, and her S-rank power skill "V Extreme", which increases in power the lower her HP is. However, her chance to activate her Guts drops per activation, meaning she can be beaten if focused on enough.
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    • Formal Valvatorez, like NISA, is also able to make comebacks in PVP thanks to his ability to gain HP past his maximum with evilities and skills allowing him to continually regain health and buff his DEF, making him especially difficult to kill, which only gets worse when combined with NISA.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Many fans refer to all the Disgaea Alternate Universe counterparts as "Xeno" despite the game stating that XENO is an organization within the alternative universe. Only the characters part of the organization are given the XENO title while everyone else from the alternative universe are referred to by their title, such as Saint Etna and Thunderlord Laharl. Additionally, most fans tend to add the "Xeno" title at the beginning when the title is meant to be added at the end with all capital letters (ie. Fuka XENO).
  • Narm: Outside of a few exceptions, the game re-uses a lot of lines from the Disgaea series for any alternative version of the characters, even if said lines don't fit at all. Calamity Adell gets the worst of it, who, aside from one line, sounds no different from normal Adell even though he's supposed to sound like he's going through Heroic BSoD.
  • Never Live It Down: The troubled initial launch has led to fans labeling Disgaea RPG as the game that nearly killed Nippon Ichi. The constant maintenance and its removal from the app stores alongside the financial issues it brought about (with some reports saying that Nippon Ichi had to take drastic measures to pay employees) are not easily forgotten despite Nippon Ichi and Disgaea RPG doing better since then, with the latter receiving a global release. It's gotten to the point where some fans still believe Nippon Ichi is in dire straights and that the continued survival of the company rides on the success of their future games, particularly Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • To say fans were shocked about the release of Calamity Adell and Evil Rebirth Mao from the Badass Banners would be an understatement. Both characters are interpretations of Adell and Mao from Disgaea 2 and 3's Bad Endings, both of which are considered non-canon, are notorious for being some of Nippon Ichi's most shocking endings (especially 2's bad ending, which involves Adell eating his siblings), and have not been referenced in any capacity since the release of their games.
    • Ryubence from The Witch and the Hundred Knight during the game's crossover event. Despite being one of the Great Witches, she is a very minor character in her home game compared to Metallia, Hundred Knight, and Nezaria with many expecting either Visco, Lucchini, or Malia instead of her.
  • Underused Game Mechanic: Character Episodes is a feature where certain characters will share you their stories as you level them up and earn you some Nether Quartz in the process. Sadly, there hasn't been any new ones added since the first wave of characters, which is a shame as the Character Episodes do a good job of introducing the Disgaea characters, their backstory, and their Hidden Depths with some having shown more maturity and honesty since their debut (most notably Mao, Emizel, and Axel). A lot of the later characters would have benefited from more character lore, especially the more mysterious ones like Awakened Rozalin, Killidia, and Krichevskoy.