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Fanfic / The Kamikakushi Saga

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The Kamikakushi Saga by Lady Librarian is a Spirited Away fanfiction, taking place 10 years after the movie. It is composed of three completed stories, with an upcoming fourth:

  1. Road to Somewhere: What began as a child's story has now become an international bestseller. After 10 years of defeinding what really happened, Chihiro stops believing. Until she takes a road to somewhere and learns some things can't be forgotten.
  2. In The Dreamer's Wake: Strange that their story had come full circle. Strange to once again come to the same beginning: the dream chasing the sleeper. At least he knew what he must do. He would find her. He would wake her. Together they would find their way home.
  3. Wheel of Yamanote: They say the worlds are like a great wheel that turns and turns, until at the close, you find yourself at the beginning once more. Take care, lest you be crushed.

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