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YMMV / Complices Al Rescate

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  • Awesome Music: The Theme Song is very good.
    • "Alma Gemela" and "Donde está el Amor" are the best songs of the Silvana album for being surprisingly good and Belinda does a great job in the vocals.
    • Most of the song duets by Belinda and Fabian Chavez in the Mariana Album are considered this, particularly "Sabes" that is as sappy as it sounds but it’s genuinely very sweet.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Each of the main Twins in the Brazilian 2015 Remake are pretty divisive among the fanbase
    • Isabela Junqueira (Silvana in the Brazilian Remake)is either considered a better developed character than Manuela or she is hated for being too bossy and unpleasant to watch, some literally think she’s a spotlight hog who only gets more screen time than Manuela because of her similarities to the character Maria Joaquina from the Brazilian Remake of Carruselnote .
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    • Manuela is appreciated by some viewers for being considered the nicest character of the Brazilian Remake but many people grew to dislike her for being a Flat Character who is almost always Out of Focus despite being one of the protagonists, she became even more of a conflicting character after her and Isabela’s biological father first appeared in the story, making her not much different than Isabela in terms of being rebellious.
  • Broken Base: Who is the better main actress? Belinda or Daniela Lujan?
    • The Brazilian 2015 Remake gets a lot of flack for being unfaithful to the source material and because of some changes that are viewed as unnecessary(e.g: Mariana/Manuela’s religious background being changed from Catholic to Protestant and the larger focus on romance and topical themes.)but there are some people who genuinely like the Remake and find it to be enjoyable at its finest.
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  • Tough Act to Follow: The Brazilian 2015 Remake didn’t have the same success as the Chiquititas and Carrusel’s remakes and is usually regarded as being the "more forgettable one" of the bunch.