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  • Friendly Fandoms: With fans of Crocodile Hunter, some even going to far as to label Coyote as a new age Steve Irwin.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Nightmare Fuel: Any of the biting/stinging videos. Especially when it's bad enough to draw blood.
    • Coyote actualy has two personal ones himself: The Giant Water Bug [1] (or it's alternate infamous name the "Toe Biter") and The Giant Desert Centipede [2]. The former has traumatized him since he was eight years of age while the latter makes his skin crawl for obvious reasons.
    • If you thought that the threat of being stung by the bullet ant was bad enough, when he finally got around to it the stinger got stuck in his arm, potentially injecting him with more venom than a "normal" sting.
    • The fans finally got their wish. After many years of requesting it, Coyote Peterson finally challenges the bite of the Giant Centipede. Coyote ends up getting bit by this thing twice! And the results are both tearjerking and terrifying. The bite is apparently much more worse than the bullet ant or anything in prior up to this point in his career. It's so bad he had to tell Mark to shut the camera off [3]. And it gets even worse with the venom extractor...
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    • Coyote finally gets stung by the Executioner Wasp. And it's much, much, MUCH worse than the Bullet Ant. At one point, Coyote's on his back, hyperventilating like he's going into shock. He describes the pain as flesh being peeled off and can't move or even feel his arm. During his outro, he states that the venom's residual effects lasted for a week and rotted a hole in his arm.
  • Squick: The Puke Fruit video.
    • Also any time the camera zooms in to show his injuries from bites, stings or mishaps.
    • In "Armadillo Mealtime," Coyote decides to try feeding a nightcrawler to Daisy the armadillo by holding it in his mouth. Disgusting on its own, but the worm actually defecates in his mouth! Oh, and the episode ends with Daisy peeing on Coyote.
    • The introduction of his video on Blood Worms begins with it extending its mouth out of its head, which extends out of its neck, just to throw up.

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