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YMMV / Black Desert Online

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  • Broken Base: The abscence of direct player trading. The topic has been discussed within the community from every possible and imaginable angle into the fifth dimension, with one side claiming that the no trading policy deters the activity of gold sellers (players who sell in-game currency for real world money), and the other claiming that it limits player interaction too much, and that there are better ways to avoid RMT (Real Money Transaction between players).
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Nobody likes the conversation minigame. You have to talk with NPCs about whatever topic they're interested in, which requires you to have knowledge on those things. This wouldn't be so bad, except that sometimes the minigame has limitations that are literally impossible to meet, forcing you to waste your time and your character's energy trying again.
    • As mentioned in the 20 Bear Asses entry on the main page, the RNG properties of the "gather items from enemies" quests gets old very quickly, especially in higher levels where it can take hours just to gather one of the multiple items needed.


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