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  • Complete Monster: Cassandra, from Global Assault, is a malicious QueenLord who is responsible for releasing a plague that wiped out almost all of the women on the planet. After the world tore itself apart and humanity fell, Cassandra used her mind-controlling powers to build her own empire across America and Europe. Upon discovering that Griffin Spade, along with his wife, Madison, and son, Brandon, possess the same Psychic Powers as her, she orders her army to kidnap their son and eliminate anyone in their way. While chasing them across America, Cassandra succeeds in brainwashing and kidnapping Brandon so she can later use him for more nefarious deeds. When Brandon's parents finally rescue him, Cassandra orders her troops to go after the Spade family again, no longer caring if Brandon is killed in the crossfire. Shortly before Cassandra's defeated, she tries one last time to brainwash Brandon into destroying the entire world.
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  • Cult Classic: While not widely known outside the public eye, the series has a small but passionate following.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Rhinos. Unless you manage a sneak attack from the side or behind, destroying Rhinos is tough. Their armor can withstand nearly six shots from a Goliath tank, even on Easy mode.
    • Inferno tanks have little health, but they move swiftly and can chew through your armor very quickly if they get too close. They're even the best defense against a Rhino tank's front armor.
    • Goliaths, in the first game anyway. Taking a Goliath head-on (without any special weapons) is borderline suicide because they can destroy your tank in just a few shots.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Griffin and Madison are in New York when the viral outbreak and nuclear war happen... in 2001. The only softening of the blow is that this game's events happen around May of that year, rather than September. If that's not bad enough, the devastated Manhattan is referred to as "Ground Zero" afterwards.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Nuclear Knights in the first game's multiplayer mode. They use Goliaths exclusively, and each one of them starts with a nuke onboard. The second game unsurprisingly replaced them with the "Cold Warriors", who have a more diverse (read: weaker) selection of tanks and only occasionally spawn with a Nuke.
    • The Psycho Brigade in the first game and Iron Maidens in the second get a more reasonable selection of tanks, but all spawn with Deflector Shields.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Mototanks pose no threat whatsoever, but they move so fast that it's hard to destroy them without waiting for them to start getting shots off.
    • Rattlers are slightly tougher than Mototanks (and can't be crushed like them) in return for less damage dealt, but they are just as annoying.
    • Gun Buddies from the first game. A single one will barely put a dent in your armor, but they're constantly spammed throughout the levels. The Laser Gun Buddies, however, can seriously damage you and have lots of health.
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  • Most Annoying Sound: The sound of the mini-turrets from Global Assault. They pose very little threat, but you'll want to destroy them quickly just because the noise they emit will grate on your nerves.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: NUKE DEPLOYED. *CLUNK* *CLUNK*
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The music for the "Fremont Street" stage in the first game sounds similar to AC/DC's "T.N.T.".
  • That One Level:
    • The prison break level in the second game. Finding the prisoners is easy; getting to them is another story. The entire base is loaded with plenty of strategically planted, heavy hitting turrets that can take a licking and keep on kicking, and the thick barriers surrounding them means you usually have to put yourself right in their line of fire in order to shoot them. The m1 barely stands a chance against them, and they will mop the floor with the Mototank. Making matters worse is that this is a fairly early level in the game, so it can easily catch you off guard.
    • Champs Elysees. It's a seek and destroy mission where you have to take out at least thirty tanks (including a giant Annihilator) with no reinforcements and very little room to cover. The stage is packed with Rhinos and even some Goliaths, and because of how dark and congested the level is, trying to beat it without the radar is nearly impossible.
    • Brandenburg Gate, also in the second game. All of the convoy missions are pretty bad, but the last one here takes the cake. Have fun trying to escort four slow, fragile-as-tissue-paper transports through swarms of enemy tanks (some of which appear from behind), multiple minefields, dozens of turrets, a reinforced steel barrier, and a few Hornets at the end.
    • The secret mission where you command a frigate. You can't choose what tank you want to drive, and the frigate is almost as weak at the Mototank, so going against much stronger tanks with much more health than you (and being unable to drive on land) is more than frustrating.

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