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It's probably easier to say that the entire soundtrack is this. But there are quite a few standouts:


  • The main theme, a dark industrial track to set the tone for the series while also getting the player pumped up for the carnage that will ensue.
  • "Ground Zero", which sounds like an industrial remix of Ride of the Valkyries.
  • "Stranglehold Bridge", the first of many tracks in the series where you have to cross a long stretch of road while tense and seemingly foreboding music is playing in the background.
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  • "Armageddon Highway", a perfect tune to embody how action-packed and challenging the stage truly is.
  • "Fremont Street", which tends to make players feel invincible.
  • "The Crimson Gate", a very foreboding track to show that you're about to go against a seemingly unstoppable force.

BattleTanx: Global Assault

  • "House of Parliament", one of the game's smoother, lighter themes.
  • "Tower Bridge", another intense tune for a thrilling stage that takes place on a bridge.
  • "Tower of London", a slow tune that usually plays whenever something is looming, such as when Cassandra brainwashes and kidnaps Brandon and when you have to face an Annihilator in London.
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  • "Champs Elysees", a sad tune some fans have have come to associate with the death of 3DO.
  • "Brandenburg Gate", an appropriate track for the infamous Convoy mission, which makes the player feel like they're being chased and should hurry up.
  • "Berlin War Zone", arguably the best fast-paced song in the game that's so intense it makes players feel like they're in a real war zone.

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