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YMMV / Barely Lethal

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  • Evil Is Sexy: Heather wears a tight black mini skirt, crop top, and leather jacket to a school party.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Essentially, the film is about Spider-Gwen coming to live with the family of Spider-Gwen. For added points, Dove Cameron's character is a moody teenager who recently lost her father (because he ran out, mind), with a martial arts-obsessed younger brother played by Jason Drucker, before a highly trained combatant stumbles into her life and helps her to lighten up, which pretty much describes Hailee Steinfeld's character in Bumblebee.
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  • Spiritual Adaptation: Until the Disney Channel made an official one, this was probably the closest anybody had come to a live-action Kim Possible movie. Both are comedies about a female Teen Superspy who has to pretend to be a high school student, with a remarkable number of similarities between their main characters; Agent 83/Megan is an expy of Kim, Roger is Ron, Liz is Bonnie, Cash is Josh, Hardman is a gender-flipped Dr. Director (herself a gender-flipped Nick Fury, amusingly enough given that Hardman is played by Samuel L. Jackson), Victoria Knox is a gender-flipped Dr. Drakken, and Agent 84/Heather is Shego. It even had a Disney Channel star, Dove Cameron, playing Liz.


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