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  • Internet Backdraft:
    • Whatever reason AAA decided to fire Taya Valkyrie and give her Women's Championship back to the returning Sexy Star, it wasn't popular.
    • Sexy Star got herself into some real hot water a month later at TripleManía XXV by actually attempting to break Rosemary's arm for no real reason. Wrestlers from GFW, WWE, ROH, Lucha Underground and the whole American indy scene put her on blast on Twitter, an several companies publicly blacklisted her or cancelled bookings.note 
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  • Memetic Mutation: Posting the company's logo as a substitute for a wrestler screaming in a match or promo.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: In the last decade or so, AAA has lost a lot of goodwill from both fans and wrestlers due to tales of bad production values, backstage politicking, and overall dickery. The most prominent example in recent years would have to be the Sexy Star/Rosemary incident underlined above under Internet Backdraft, whose aftermath overshadowed Dr. Wagner's unmasking later on in the show, at least in the States.

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