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Warning: To avoid a completely spoiler-tagged blank page, all spoilers have been left unmarked. Be warned and tread carefully.

  • Aizen not only faked his death and took part in the conspiracy, he's the mastermind behind it all. The entirety of Bleach from here on would never be the same.
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  • The Soul Society arc sets up the Soul Society's laws as the problem, given a face by Byakuya, who is dead-set on killing his sister, Rukia. Then, he takes the bullet for her when Gin tries to kill her. When asked why, he reveals that his wife Hisana (who looks like Rukia), was actually Rukia's sister, and he adopted her into the family to fulfill a promise he made to a dying Hisana. The reason he was set on executing her was not because of the law, but because he had also made a promise to his dead parents to uphold the law. Now that Ichigo's freed him from this problem, he stops being an antagonist and becomes one of Ichigo's staunchest allies.
  • After debuting as a cat with a masculine voice, it was rather surprising to see Yoruichi Shihoin turn out to be a female human, and a former captain of the 13 Court Guards, at that. It changes the entire dynamics of the group's relationship with her from that moment on.
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  • Chapter 186: Uryuu is not the Last Quincy like everyone thought, and the phrase doesn't mean what he thought it meant. His father is still alive, is the official Last Quincy, and is refusing to use his power for an unspecified reason.
  • Chapter 188: Isshin Kurosaki is secretly a Shinigami who voluntarily sacrificed his power and has a history with Urahara. Both he and Urahara have been expecting the Visoreds to contact Ichigo for years and they've known about Aizen for years longer than Soul Society has.
  • We learn that there were two Hogyokus, both separately created by Aizen and Urahara. Aizen set up the entire conspiracy in the Soul Society arc to steal Urahara's Hogyoku and fuse it with his own, as neither was complete or even capable of being complete on its own.

Thousand Year Blood War Arc
The Thousand Year Blood War has been filled with so many different wham episodes that it might as well be said the entire arc is a wham episode in its own right.

  • Chapter 480: The biggest reveal since Aizen's betrayal is that the Quincies are not dead.
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  • Chapter 485: Hueco Mundo is no longer under the control of the Arrancar. It's fallen to Vandenreich occupation. Furthermore, we see that Harribel has been captured by the Vandenreich, effectively serving as a warning to all who venture near Yhwach's turf.
  • Chapter 499: For the first time in the entire story, the Soul Society openly seeks help from Ichigo, after we learn that a third of the 13 Court Guards' forces have been decimated by thousands in the space of only a few minutes. Not even Aizen created this much havoc.
  • Chapter 511: Yamamoto is slaughtered and the Seireitei is overrun by the Stern Ritter's ground troops, officially defeated.
  • Chapter 516: Broken bankai can never be restored to their original form, thereby redefining the power levels of every shinigami that has experienced a broken bankai in the story, including Mayuri, Ikkaku, Renji, and Ichigo. Komamura's the only exception to the rule because of the way his bankai works. Even though the damage done to it is reflected on him, if he undergoes healing it will fully restore his bankai.
  • Chapter 520: Shunsui Kyouraku, once the Lazy Bum, takes over as the new captain-commander. Unlike Yamamoto's era, where captains - even Yamamoto - could not question the decisions of the Central 46, Kyouraku begins to fight decisions from the moment he's promoted. It's the first sign that the 13 Court Guards will now function in a different way to how it functioned in the past.

Everything but the Rain
A mini-arc within the main Thousand Year Blood War Arc that deals with events 20 years in the past that have a major impact on the present storyline.

  • Chapter 535: Quincies cannot undergo Hollowfication and will experience Soul Suicide instead unless extraordinary intervention occurs. Isshin didn't lose his power; he bound it to Masaki's soul to halt the Soul Suicide. The only reason Masaki ever lived long enough to marry and have children was because Isshin's power kept her alive.
  • Chapter 537: Yhwach possesses the ability to take back the power and lives from anyone with Quincy blood. Doing this nine years ago led to the deaths of both Ichigo and Uryuu's mothers, and is therefore Ichigo and Uryuu's most dangerous and personal enemy ever... except Uryuu has just joined the Vandenreich as Yhwach's "son".

The Thousand Year Blood War: The Farewell Story
  • Chapter 546: Yhwach transforms Seireitei, causing the city to completely vanish and be replaced by the Quincy city of Silbern. From now on, the storyline is occurring in Quincy territory, not Shinigami territory.
  • Chapter 565: Yhwach's backstory and powers are revealed. He has an ability to distribute pieces of his soul into the souls of other individuals, and when they die, those pieces return to Yhwach with all the memories, experience and powers that those people possessed in life. By doing so, he can make himself more powerful and prolong his own life. This is how Quincies were created, but most importantly, the whole 13 Court Guards has now been infected with pieces of Yhwach's soul... meaning EVERY death on the battlefield increases Yhwach's power.
  • Chapter 633: Every few decades an apparently powerless Quincy would be born and culled until Yhwach is born. Then a period of two centuries passes without one being born at all until Haschwalth. Yhwach explains these legendary Quincies have the ability to share power instead of absorbing reishi just like Yhwach. Unlike Yhwach, they cannot also steal power. This leads to complete reinterpretation of both Uryuu and Ichigo's abilities given Uryuu's alleged lack of talent and Ichigo's apparently unique inability to manipulate reishi the way both Quincies and Shinigami can. It also indicates that Yhwach cannot be the original Quincy he claims to be, given that Quincies were being born before he came along.

New Beathes from Hell
  • The special one-shot chapter released after the series' original conclusion is a big whammy. As established before, when souls die, their bodies turn into reishi and become part of Soul Society. However, captains and stronger Soul Reapers are unable to do this normally, and so the Soul Reapers must send them away with the "Soul Funeral Festival." Unbeknownst to the Seiretei, however, the Soul Funeral Festival doesn't give the deceased a proper burial, but instead sends them straight to Hell as their power is too great to remain in Soul Society, and since Yhwach's defeat they've been sending enough powerful souls like Yamamoto and Unohana down there that the gates of Hell are opening. The Seireitei is suddenly attacked by the legions of Hell, led by Szayelaporro, who gleefully informs everyone of this before he is forced back into Hell by Ukitake, whose Zanpakuto has grown gargantuan in size. The chapter ends with Ichigo's son Kazui approaching a hell gate and the declaration of a new arc.


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