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Bleach is incredibly bad about this. It's almost a theme that the openings preview(/spoil) upcoming events, and the endings tend to focus on the past. There are exceptions of course - some openings/endings are even full of things that completely fail to happen, possibly so as to avert this.


Naturally, beware of unmarked spoilers.

  • First opening spoils Chad and Ishida joining the group, as well as their powers.
  • Second opening spoils that Hanatarou will join the group, Ichigo's oncoming fight with Kenpachi, and Renji and Ichigo's fight. However, this opening had tons of Bait-and-Switch Credits, like Ishida fighting Hitsugaya, and Sui-Feng attacking Chad (who gets saved by Yoruichi biting the blade off of Sui-Feng's sword). It had so much fake stuff that you can't pick out the real parts until after you've already seen them anyway.
  • The third ending is massively guilty. It showcases each of the 13 squads in turn with no regard for whether we've met the characters or not — and will happily throw in a character whose past association with that squad is in fact a major secret. Urahara is shown not just in the Squad 12 theme, but in his Squad 12 captain's haori! Other blown secrets include Gin and Rangiku's prior relationship and Ukitake and Kyoraku having trained under Yamamoto. If you're paying attention, this theme and the second opening together even spoil Yoruichi's secrets (she's shown fighting Soi Fon in both her forms, and gets freeze-framed at one point in the Squad 2 theme the same way Soi Fon does).
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  • Third opening spoils that Sui-Feng and Yoruichi will fight, Renji's bankai, Byakuya and Ichigo's fight (including the ultimate form of Byakuya's bankai and the activation of Ichigo's bankai), Yamamoto's shikai, Hitsugaya's bankai, Shunsui and Ukitake fighting side by side, Sajin's real face, and worst of all, that Aizen is still alive.
  • The fifth opening shows several fights from the Arrancar arc (although you have to look very closely), as well as Ichigo fighting his inner hollow.
  • Ending 10 spoils Ichigo's father being a Shinigami — a Captain, no less.
  • The opening for the start of the Arrancar arc (Opening 6) spoils that Orihime will be kidnapped by Aizen. Well in advance of the actual event, and by the time Orihime's abduction actually occurs, the opening has changed again.
    • It also shows the remaining Espada beyond Ulquiorra, Yammy and Grimmjow a good number of episodes in advance of their actual introductions.
  • The seventh opening shows that Renji and Rukia will join the Hueco Mundo force.
  • The broadcast version of the 13th ending on Adult Swim (which typically shows random shots of the season set to an abridged version of the ending theme) shows a shot of Aaroniero with his mask off while he is impersonating Kaien.
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  • The ninth opening, following the filler arc, spoils the four captains coming to the rescue in Hueco Mundo, as well as Nel's true form, and spoils them hard.
  • Ending 18 show the Visored's previous appearance, several episodes before the Turn Back the Pendulum arc begin.
  • The twelfth opening (after the end of the Muramasa/Sword Fiend filler) manages to spoil an incredible number of things, including both of Ulquiorra's Ressurecions, Starrk and Barragan's Ressureccions, Ichigo's super-hollow form, Sui-Feng's Bankai, Wonderwiess's appearance, the Vaizard's appearance, and even Kensei's bankai, and, most importantly, The Heart. Granted, some of this can be guessed, but if one hasn't read the manga this opening essentially spoils about half of the awesome reveals in the FKT arc.
  • The thirteenth OP spoils Isshin, Urahara and Yoruichi joining the battle at FKT, Ichigo's jinzen training in the Dangai and Gin's death. It also very subtly spoils Ichigo's loss of powers, with the scenes from beginning of the anime played backwards as a hint that Ichigo will revert to state before them.
  • Opening 14 (for the filler 13 Court Guards Incursion Arc) shows the various captains of the 13 Court Guards fighting one another, and the mysterious green-haired girl who has just been introduced.
  • Ending 27 shows Ichigo's Bankai mask cracking and various shots of Ishida, all of which serve as a subtle hint at the manga's development of Ishida becoming the new Hollow-slayer - this arc is established as taking place between Aizen's defeat and the next manga arc (The Lost Agent Arc).
  • The 15th Opening seems to have no problem with showcasing Ichigo and Ginjo's Fullbring, Ginjo standing alongside Ichigo's friends and Tsukishima's face along with Ichigo and Ginjo vs Tsukishima and Shishigawara. Despite all of those being spoilers, those last three are especially bad seeing as how the viewer is supposed to think Ginjo is the new Big Bad and we don't see Tsukishima's face in the manga until he attacks Orihime which wasn't animated until a good few episodes later. And after the episode animating Rukia's return, the ending of the opening is revised to show Ichigo's upgraded Shinigami outfit, followed by the new looks for Rukia, Renji, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Kenpachi and Ikkaku.

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