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Tokyo Woes is a 1945 cartoon short produced for the US Navy, made as part of the short lived Mr. Hook series and directed by an uncredited Bob Clampett.

The film has a Japanese radio station, "Tokyo Rose", broadcasting anti-american propaganda and encouraging servicemen not to bother with war bonds. On a nearby battleship, Mr. Hook is going through his War Bonds when he hears the broadcast. Enraged, he responds with a missile shell containing a reply from a "talking bond," along with a number of explosive devices. Post-war, another shell lands on Hook, this time containing what is known as the "talking bond" giving all the benefits to his investments.



  • Deliberately Monochrome: While Bob Clampett's cartoons had upgraded to color by this point, the film was shot in black and white to save on time and money.
  • I Will Show You X!: "What good will bonds do?! I'll show you what good will bonds do!"
  • Gag Boobs: Mr. Hook accidentally gets a pair of these when a Talking Bond uses a magic wand to add new clothes to home. Realizing his mistake, the Bond quickly removes them.
  • Gainaxing: The lady Hook meets has very large breasts that bounce as she walks along.
  • Money Mauling: Seaman Hook bombards Tokyo Rose with war bonds that explode like artillery shells.
  • Ms. Fanservice: The lady Mr. Hook meets up with.
  • Public Domain Animation: The cartoon was produced for the government and was never copyrighted as a result.
  • Sexy Walk: The lady that Hook hooks up with walks in a very provocative way as she walks by him.
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  • Toilet Humour: One gag involves a Geisha being revealed to be sitting on a toilet in an outhouse hidden behind several doors and curtains.
  • Tokyo Rose: Tokyo Rose is broadcasting anti-American propaganda and encouraging servicemen not to bother with war bonds.
  • Wartime Cartoon: The cartoon was released at the tail end of World War II, was only screened for the Navy and has subject matter directly related to the war.
  • Yellow Peril: The asian characters in the cartoon are depicted as villainous personalities and are given a very grotesque and racist caricaturing as a result.

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