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Western Animation / The Governator

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Animated series that would have been co-created by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee and starring Schwarzenegger as himself... as a superhero. The story would have been that after leaving the governor's office, Arnold decides to become a crime fighter and builds a secret high-tech crime-fighting control center under his house.

Was cancelled in 2011, before it ever aired, because of a scandal discovering a love affair Arnold was in.

Should be noted that a totally unrealated comic book was made by Antarctic Press before this series was even created.

  • Animesque: According to the trailer, so much so to the point that it might as well be an anime.
  • Celebrity Toons: Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family were to be in the show as animated versions of themselves.
  • Inksuit Actor: Blended with No Celebrities Were Harmed; the main character is a fictionalized version of his voice actor (basically Arnold if he decided he wanted to be Bruce Wayne)—but animated versions of Schwarzenegger's wife and children, who aren't in the acting business, would also have been featured.
    • Also, according to the trailer, Larry King would have made some form of guest appearance.


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