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"Tells the story of a cyborg caveman. Or maybe a caveman cyborg."

A Web Comic by Riel Langlois and Dan Woodhouse, about a caveman that is accidentally given bionic enhancements by an alien research team.

The titular character of the story is Thog, who is trampled by a herd of mammoths when an alien research robot attempts to administer an anal probe to an unsuspecting mammoth. Mad Scientist aliens accept that they caused the stampede and violate their code of non-interference to repair the damage. However, since the aliens themselves utilize cybernetic implants, the medical droids use bionic implants to save Thog.

Can be found at the The Duck website: Thog Infinitron.

Thog Infinitron updates every Monday, just after midnight. The comic has inexplicably stopped updating. Ironically, the final comic posted features a fan of the comic itself endlessly click "refresh" waiting for the next update.


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