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A Supernatural Noir Thriller webcomic featuring a ensemble cast of characters residing in the seemingly Utopian colony of Shiloh or around the outskirts of the colony known as "The Sticks". The Story begins with a murder within the streets of Shiloh by the infamous serial killer known as "The Marked Man". The mysterious forces of Shiloh and The Sticks begin to ensnare around the Marked Man and his enigmatic group of bandits, along with the "Jackets" assigned to bring him to justice and in over their heads.

Created by Kit Trace & Kate Flynn, it can be found on Webtoons. First page here.


Shiloh provides examples of:

  • A Father to His Men: According to his former partner Barrett, Deputy Knox is one of the few high ranking officials that genuinely cares about their subordinates and will always have their back. This is later proven true when he and Callahan find the gravely injured Barrett and assures him that he'll make a cover story to hide the truth of what happened in order to protect Callahan from any colony officials who might make her "dissappear" for knowing the truth about demons.

  • The Chase: The series starts with Sawyer and Ollie running after Charlotte Perry. Following that, the entire first season turns into a longer and more harrowing chase when the police officers go after them.

  • Deal with the Devil: Ollie made one with the praying mantis demon when he was a child, and the whole gang has one of a different kind with The Highwayman.

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  • Dirty Coward: When a demon in Ollie's body takes over and tries to kill Sawyer and Sid, Shane and Dusty choose to hide in the attic rather than try to fight it.

  • Ensemble Cast: Shiloh divides its focus between two groups of main characters: a gang of killers for hire and a team of cops on their trail.

  • Five-Man Band: Subverted with Sawyer, Ollie, Shane, Dusty and Sid. While there is five of them, they don't fall into the standard archetypes.

  • Forged Message: The Perry family butler forged a letter from Elijah to lure out Charoltte so that she could be murdered.

  • Kangaroo Court: Elijah Perry gets one of these. He doesn't even get to speak in his defense, is promptly declared guilty and sentenced to die on the same day.

  • Old Cop, Young Cop: Chloe Callahan and Cliff Barrett are this. She's an Eager Rookie, he's The Cynic veteran.

  • Ordered to Die: How the death penalty is executed in Shiloh. The condemned is offered a vial of poison. If they refuse to drink it, they are left chained up in a cell to die of starvation.

  • Murder, Inc.: The Marked Man and the gang have a secret way of accepting murder contracts from the citizens of Shiloh.

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