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A newspaper-strip format comic started on DeviantArt in October 2008 by Toby "StoneDustGhost" Durr, aka Araxiel.This is the first comic by this artist which has had a halfway-decent standard of lineart since its beginning, in contrast to his earlier work, Coga Suro. However, it suffers terribly from MS-paint style line aliasing, preventing it from approaching proffessional standard even at its best.Outside Interference follows the lives of a small cast of female anthropomorphic animals in a "slice of life" format. Some comics are based on the artist's personal experiences, others are originally written. What reception it has received has been positive. Consistent themes within the comic appear to be the Nintendo Wii (and, in particular, Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and the rabbit, Hollie's, assumptions that two of the main characters, Kate and Gina, are a couple. Situations are played largely for humour and there is currently no evidence of any longer, more serious story arcs in the making.Recently relaunched after a long hiatus as 'In Hindsight', essentially the same strip with a different title. Hasn't updated in a long, long time.



  • Kate: A raccoon with a tendency to find something to complain about in any given situation except, curiously, Christmas. Apparently forms a Heterosexual Life-Partners unit with Gina, to the point that the two are perfectly comfortable sharing a bed while on holiday. Has an extreme nervous reaction to having her tail touched which leads her to punch the offender- although this may simply have been out of annoyance rather than any compulsion.
  • Gina: The artist himself has noted that he has no idea which specific species Gina is meant to be- while sharing Kate's cat-like nose and ears, she lacks any visible tail, leading to speculation that she may be a manx cat. On the single colour page she has appeared on, she clearly has dark brown hair and slightly lighter brown skin or fur, indicating that she is not a tail-less raccoon (in the same image, Kate is clearly black-and-white furred). Often set up as the "Straight Man" to Kate's comedy. Most of the main characters know each other through being friends of Gina.
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  • Cassie: An apparently 17-year-old marmoset, Cassie tends to act as if she's much younger. Not being a direct relative of either, it is unclear why she was allowed to go on holiday for a length of time with Kate and Gina, although it is implied that Gina knows her mother somehow. Has a fondness for cake, and is capable of forging alliances with seagulls through the use of cake.
  • Hollie: Another of Gina's friends who lives in Devonshire, though she makes far more appearances than this would normally allow. While appearing apologetic about mistaking Kate and Gina for a couple in the first chapter, in the second chapter she appears to have switched to doing this deliberately to annoy Kate. During the second chapter, she mailed an as-yet-unrevealed Christmas gift to Gina- the only clues being that it is "a bit weird" and apparently not risqué. Has a mutually antagonistic relationship with Kate, including an incident where she received a punch in the face for grabbing her tail in good humour.
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  • Aisyah: A new character introduced in the second chapter, and, like Gina, her exact species has not been confirmed yet or even commented upon. Appears less assertive than any of the other lead characters, and is very nervous upon her house filling up with people during a party. Apparently the owner of the much-discussed Nintendo Wii.


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