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I.M. Hip is a webcomic created by Thomas Fay Syndicate. Originally published on Intodit before moving to DeviantArt the following year, the strip is about Irwin Murphy "I.M." Hip, the smartest kid in least initially. As the years pass, I.M. graduates from school and the strip follows him to the University of Minnesota, then back home with his mother, and currently to a law firm he runs with his college flame, a British prodigy named Sophie Finn Xavier.


When the strip is not focused on I.M., it looks over at his younger sister Ursula Randall (U.R.) Hip. She may not be as smart as her brother, but she gets by with her mother, her new (since late 2017) boyfriend Biff Wilson, her best friend Josie, and even Jenny Everywhere.

But regardless on who is in the spotlight, at one point in time or another, they must all answer (read Fifty Lines) to their prodigy-hating teacher/courtroom judge Mr. Albany. Good luck with that...

It updates on Fridays, despite the occasional Schedule Slip.


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