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Thomas Fay Syndicate (TFSyndicate for short) is a deviantART account specializing in comic-style fan art, photography and media by Thomas Fay.

His résumé includes fan art of Parappa The Rapper, They Might Be Giants, The Monkees, Gorillaz, among others.

Projects with their own pages:

Other projects:

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    A Train's World 
Started in 2007, this is an "urban Thomas & Friends" set in the New York City Subway.

A Crossover between Thomas Fay and other worlds, in his quest to rebuild the Tommy album.

    Radio Radio 
The continuing adventures of radio personality Todd Zeppelin, a franchise consisting of Short Film and fiction piece College Radio, Webcomic strip Baby Radio, and the flagship lit series Alien Radio. Also in development are Fish Radio which deals with mermaids and Atlantis and stuff, and Baby Radio: The Next Generation, centering around Todd's offspring.

Alien Radio tropes:

Baby Radio tropes:

  • Baby Language: Heavily implied.
    Pegg: Todd! Anna! Stop drawing on the walls!
    Baby!Todd: Uhh...What did she say?
    Anna: I dunno. I lost her after stop.
    Baby Radio is presented in its original Baby soundtrack, with English subtitles.
  • Brainy Baby: Mo-mo
  • My Beloved Smother: Pegg
  • Spinoff Babies

College Radio tropes:

Fish Radio tropes:


Tropes frequent with the artwork in general:


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