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"Suckin the poison out of America's wounds"

Truthpoint: Darkweb Rising is an Adult Swim web series about "Embattled Influencer" Dril, and "Hacker Gig Economist" Derek Estevez-Olsen and their mission to Point you towards the truth. Naturally the show features very large amounts of Adults Swim's (and Dril's) trademark surreal humor. The show is available for free on the Adult Swim youtube channel. Watch the first episode here:[1]



This series has the examples of:

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Downplayed with Truthbot. While never hostile, their unreliability when it comes to responding to commands and the frustration this causes our hosts is a running gag throughout the show.
  • Artistic License-Biology: In-universe. Dril has some interesting ideas about food. He claims that, among other things, that Menstrual blood is a key to immortality, that anything you can eat without vomiting is good for you, that viruses are harmless because they're animals and thus edible, and that semen is edible in part because the slang term for it is "Nut".
  • Ate His Gun: Attempted by Dril.
  • Brain Uploading: Discussed by Derek, who advocates it as a method of avoiding becoming a Deathcuck.
  • Big Eater: Dril, who advocates the "Ultimate Man" diet, where you eat anything that doesn't make you throw up.
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  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Both Dril and Derek, in spades.
  • Critical Research Failure: Dril thinks NoNut November refers to abstaining from eating semen.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Apparently brain uploading entails getting rid of memories, sense of smell, and the ability to feel horny.
  • Driven to Suicide: Dril, upon having to look at an armor helmet like the one of the man he saw sleeping with his wife, pulls out a gun and points in his mouth, prompting a "technical difficulties" message as an assistant has to wrestle the gun away. He's fine immediately afterwards.
  • Kent Brockman News: Of the "Apathetic hosts that openly hate each other" variety.
  • Take That!: Derec is one towards silicon valley tech junkies. He subsists on a diet of amphetamines and soylent, sets up laughably transparent grifts, and apparently sees nothing wrong with killing your body to live as a 2gb program in cyberspace without memories or a sense of taste.

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